ManhuntPotionEffectsChallenge 2021-03-05

A plugin like manhunt but when a speedrunner takes damage, the hunters get a random potion effect.

  1. mrrblahblah
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Sebby (Blobheart), BerkyBoi, starzbrite playz

    /add hunter <player>
    /add runner <player>
    /remove hunter <player>
    /remove runner <player>

    The first command adds a player as a hunter.
    The second command adds a player as a speedrunner.
    The third command removes a player as a hunter
    The fourth command removes a player as a speedrunner.

    Once you add your hunters, they will automatically get a compass in their inventory that will track the speedruner. Also, tracking with compasses is supported in all dimensions. The potion effects are also in this plugin. Whenever the speedrunner takes damage, all the hunters will get a random
    potion effect for 10 seconds.The effect multiplier is 10.

    Here is the list of potions:

    1. Slowness
    2. Bad Omen
    3. Blindness
    4. Hunger
    5. Unluck
    6. Weakness
    7. Miner Fatigue
    8. Poison
    9. Wither Effect

    Also, this plugin was coded to only work for one speedrunner. There can be an unlimited amount of hunters, but only one speedrunner.


    1. Screenshot 2021-03-05 123459.png