ManhuntUltimate [1.13-1.16.x] 1.3

The ultimate Minecraft Manhunt plugin

  1. Solyze
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16


    ManhuntUtlimate is a Manhunt plugin with even more extra and cool features Inspired by Dream Team's Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter aka. Minecraft Manhunt. The speedrunner(s) attempt to beat the game (Minecraft) by killing the ender dragon, whilst the hunter(s) try to stop them from doing so.

    Disclaimer: You make your own rules, this is not designed to be used on server networks or work with other plugins, rather to be played with your friends.

    NOTE: PaperSpigot is currently not supported!

    You can find more information about the plugin here.


    #1. Give the speedrunners a headstart:
    #2. Easily chat and share your location with your team members:
    #3. Easily add or remove players from the hunter team:


    A list of the commands is available here.


    (Documentation will not be included in the actual file that is generated by the plugin)
    Code (Text):
    # This is the configuration for ManhuntUltimate.
    # A detailed explanation/documentation can be found below:

    #/hunter add <player> - This is the message that will be sent if the argument is not an online player.
    hunterplayernotfound: '&cCould not find player ''&6%player%&c''!'
    #Should hunter(s) be blind when the headstart is active?
    blindhuntersonheadstart: true
    #Should a message be broadcasted when the headstart is deactivated?
    broadcastheadstartdeactivated: true
    #Should the hunter(s) be able to track whilst the headstart is active?
    cantrackinheadstart: false
    #Should a message be broadcasted when the ender dragon is killed/dies?
    sendenderdragonkilledbroadcast: true
    #Should team chats be enabled? (Should team members be able to chat with each other?)
    teamchats: true
    #Should team members be able to share their location with other team members?
    cansharelocations: true
    #Message that is sent when a hunter tries to track in headstart (if cantrackinheadstart above is disabled).
    cannottrackinheadstartmessage: '&cYou may not track players whilst the headstart is
    #The duration of the headstart in seconds.
    headstartduration: 60
    #Prefix of the plugin, will be put in front of every message.
    prefix: '&c&lManhuntUltimate &8&l» &f'
    #If the players don't have permission 'manhuntultimate' in order to execute the command, this message will be sent.
    nopermission: '&cYou do not have the permission required to use this command!'
    #Message that is sent when a player reloads the configuration.
    reloadconfig: '&aPlugin configuration file successfully reloaded!'
    #Message that is sent when a player tries reloads the configuration, but it fails.
    reloadconfigfailed: '&cFailed to reload the plugin configuration! (Check the console
      or logs for detailed information)'
    #If an argument is unknown or illegal for whatever reason, this message will be sent:
    unknownorillegalargument: '&cUnknown or illegal argument.'
    #Message that will be sent with the one above ^ (Encourages the player to type /manhunt help).
    typehelpmessage: '&cType &6/manhunt help &cfor a list of commands and usages.'
    #The help message that will be sent when a player types /manhunt help.
      - '&c&lHanhuntUltimate Help (Page 1 of 1):'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt help: &6Sends this message'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt reloadconfig: &6Reloads the plugin configuration'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt hunter <name>: &6Adds or removes a player from the hunter team'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt headstart: &6Gives the speedrunners a headstart, duration is configurable'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt sharelocation: &6Sends your location to your teammates'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt chat: &6Sends a message to your team members'
      - '&7- &f/manhunt toggleteamchat: &6Toggle the team chat for yourself. (All messages go to team chat)'
    - '&7- &f/manhunt teamhealth: &6Displays a list of your team members and their current health.'
    #Message that will be broadcasted when a player is added to the hunter team. (Removed from the speedrunner team).
    hunteradded: '&2%player% &ais now a &chunter&a!'
    #Message that will be broadcasted when a player is removed from the hunter team. (Added to the speedrunner team).
    hunterremoved: '&2%player% &ais no longer a &chunter&a! &7(They are now a speedrunner)'
    #Message that will be sent when a speedrunner is trying to use the compass to track someone. (Only hunters can track).
    compassnothunter: '&cYou can''t track players as you are not a hunter!'
    #Message that will be sent when a hunter is tracking someone. (No message will be sent if there is no speedrunners to track. Remove the distance if you don't want it).
    tracking: '&aYour compass is now pointing towards &2%target% &a(%distance% blocks
    #Message that will be sent when there are no players to track. (Believe this is currently broken, will be fixed in another update).
    notargettotrack: '&cFound no players to track!'
    #Message that will be sent when a hunter tries to drop their compass/tracker.
    cantdropcompass: '&cYou can''t drop your compass, silly!'
    #Message that will be broadcasted when the headstart is activated.
    headstartactivated: '&aThe speedrunners get a %duration% second headstart, the game
      has begun!'
    #Message that will be broadcasted when the headstart is over.
    headstartdeactivated: '&aIt has now been %duration% seconds! The hunters have been
    #Message that will be sent when someone tries to activate the headstart but there is no hunters to get a headstart from.
    nohuntersadded: '&cNo hunters have been added! There is no one to get a headstart
    #Message that will be sent to all hunters when a hunter shares their location with them.
    sharelocationmessagehunter: '&4[Hunter Chat] &c%player%&f''s location: &6[%x%, %y%,
    #Message that will be sent to all speedrunners when a speedrunner shares their location with them.
    sharelocationmessagespeedrunner: '&9[Speedrunner Chat] &b%player%&f''s location: &3[%x%,
      %y%, %x%]'
    #Format for the hunter chat.
    hunterchatformat: '&4[Hunter Chat] &c%player%&f:&6%message%'
    #Format for the speedrunner chat.
    speedrunnerchatformat: '&9[Speedrunner Chat] &b%player%&f:&3%message%'
    #Message that will be broadcasted when the ender dragon is killed/dies.
      - '&6&m----------------------------------------'
      - '&6&m----------------------------------------'
    #Default chat format (will include the names of the teams in chat/tab if that is enabled).
    chatformat: '&f%player%&7: &f%message%'
    #Message that will be sent when a team member tries to use the team chat but it is disabled.
    teamchatdisabled: '&cTeam chats are disabled!'
    #Message that will be sent when a team member tries to share their location but it is disabled.
    sharelocationdisabled: '&cLocation sharing is disabled!'
    #Message that is sent when team chat is toggled on/enabled.
    toggleteamchatenabled: '&7Team chat is now toggled &aon&7! &7(Everything you type will be put in teamchat)'
    #Message that is sent when team chat is toggled off/disabled.
    toggleteamchatdisabled: '&7Team chat is now toggled &coff&7!'
    #Should the compass display a line of particles towards the player being tracked's location?
    trackparticles: true
    #How long should the of particles towards the player being tracked's location go before it stops? (blocks)
    particlerange: 5
    #Should the command to check your team members health be enabled?
    teamhealthcommand: true
    #Team health (command) message for hunters
    teamhealthmessagehunter: '&c%player%&7''s health: &c%health% ❤'
    #Team health (command) message for speedrunners
    teamhealthmessagespeedrunner: '&b%player%&7''s health: &c%health% ❤'
    #Message that is sent when the team health command is disabled and someone tries to execute it
    teamhealthcommanddisabled: '&cTeam health command is disabled!'


    The plugin is not currently featured in any videoes or anything else, if you do make a video or something, please send me it on Discord (Solyze#3343) and i will add it here! ;)


    If you need support for any reason, you can join my Discord Server and send a message in the support channel dedicated to ManhuntUltimate.


    Before you review, please do not leave negative reviews due to bugs. Bugs can be reported on my Discord Server in the bug report channel dedicated to ManhuntUltimate. Please note that this plugin was not developed to be used on public servers or to work with other plugins. Please be respectful and constructive, if you don't like the plugin, tell me why so we can improve it nicely together without arguments. Please check that the reason for the plugin not working is not because of you, and because of the plugin before you leave a negative review. It would be very unfair and demotivating to receive a 1 star review becuase you couldn't get it to work because of an issue on your side.
    NOTE: PaperSpigot is currently not supported!

    You can receive a "Rated 5⭐" role and a star next to your name in my Discord server if you rate 5 stars! Still give your honest opinion though!


    If you really want to, you can donate to support me and the plugin here. All donations are appreciated. If you donate you can receive a "Donator" role on my Discord Server (You then have to provide proof that it is you who donated). You can also get your name on the list below with a color of your choice! Thank you so much to every single one of you on the list below:

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Recent Reviews

  1. hafal
    Version: 1.3
    best plugin that I ever found, but I want to adjust so that hunters can look around while headstart
    1. Solyze
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the review!
      You can make it so the Hunters can look around while headstart by setting 'blindhuntersonheadstart: false' in the config.yml file.
      The config file is pretty messy so I don't blame you for not noticing that =)
  2. Loiloo
    Version: 1.3
    Good plugin, keep it up!!. .............................................................
    1. Solyze
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much!
  3. ToppyS2
    Version: 1.0
    This plugin is fresh and new, but it already is well made. I first had problems with getting it to start on a PaperSpigot server but support was friendly and quick on their discord so the issue was resolved quickly.
    Although there was features I wish it had right away, I still gave it a 5 because he acknowledged them right away when I spoke to the owner.
    1. Solyze
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind review!