ManuallyBroadcast | Easy and Configurable Broadcasts 3.0

Send a formatted broadcast-message to all / an online player/s!

  1. SmushHD
    Nice you found my plugin "ManuallyBroadcast"!
    It's very easy to use and without any twaddle.
    This plugin is no longer maintained!

    - Easily send broadcast-messages very fast to all (or one) online player(s)!
    - Change the name and the color of the prefix, header and footer in the config!
    (If you don't know the color-codes, use the command '/mbc color'!)

    Available commands:
    - Shows the credits and the command to access the help of the plugin.
    /mbc help - Shows the syntax of the '/mbc'-Command.
    /mbc Hello World! - Broadcasts the message "Hello World!" with the set prefix and the set color. (Default color of the prefix is red, default color of the message is green. Pre-set colors: [Broadcast] Hello World!)
    /mbc &6Hello World! - Broadcasts the message "Hello World!" with the set prefix and the color gold.
    /mbc preview Hello World! - Shows ONLY YOU the final broadcast-message. (Useful for working with colors etc..)
    /mbc color - Shows all formatting-codes in a small list.
    /mbc SmushHD Hello World! - Sends the broadcast-message "Hello World!" to the player "SmushHD".

    Header and Footer! (Can be turned on or off and configurated in the config-file!)
    Hello World!

    Needed permissions (3.0 and later):
    - manuallybroadcast.broadcast
    Needed permissions (2.3 and earlier):
    - manuallybroadcaster.broadcast

    It is highly recommended to use the LATEST version of my plugin :D
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Recent Reviews

  1. PortalZOficial
    Version: 3.0
    Hey, nice plugin. Does what it has to do.
    Can you make the plugin bungee supported so we can send a message to the whole server.
    If this feature is in the plugin already, how do I have to set that up?
    Thanks :)
    1. SmushHD
      Author's Response
      Hello! Thanks for this review, but this plugin is not going to be updated anymore ;)
  2. TreasureCakes
    Version: 1.0
    Hey! Really nice plugin, no bugs or errors! Really great! This plugin deserves 5 stars for sure!! :)
    1. SmushHD
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
      If you want, you also can review the updated version :D