Many Effects 1.1

This plugin add some effects for the player of your server!

  1. DarkJakeb
    minecraft.png When you enable this plugin in your server, all the players that join receive a special chest called "Effects". You can't drop or place on the ground this chest, but if you right click it, an inventory will appear and you can choose one of these effects:
    - Ender Effect;
    - Happy Villager;
    - Precious stones;
    - Just fences;
    - Horrible smog;
    - Firework sparks;
    - Little flames;
    - Splash;
    - Cloud;
    - Lava pop;
    - Magic effect;
    - Slime effect.
    And if you are tired of these effects you can also stop them by clicking on the Barrier!
    Please leave a comment if you liked (or not) this plugin!

Recent Updates

  1. New version 1.1: Fixed a little bug.

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  1. AeroDynam1C
    Version: 1.1
    Please check out this plugin on IP:
    Ill' be the test dummy for you all.
    1. DarkJakeb
      Author's Response
      Ahah, thanks a lot! =D