Maplands 1.1

Minecraft worlds in the map dimension

  1. TeamBergerhealer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:

    Maplands is a work-in-progress project delivering world map rendering to Minecraft maps. Display the world in an isometric view, link maps together and create a huge overview of your server, and much more is anticipated!

    You will need the latest build of BKCommonLib for this plugin to work correctly.

    Join our discord for plugin help



    More will be added to this page as the plugin is further developed.

    >>Please report bugs and post feature requests here<<


    You can join the Minecraft server hosted over at to see this plugin in action, as well check out other cool plugins by the community!

    /map to give yourself a maplands map

    /map give [playername] to give a maplands map to others
    permission: maplands.command.give

    /map render [uuid] to re-render a maplands map remotely
    permission: maplands.command.render

    allow players to modify orientation / move the map / add markers to maps
    permission: maplands.changemap

    • While holding the map your movement is locked and can control the user interface using W/A/S/D
    • If you need to move around quickly, change selected item or move it to your other hand with Q
    • To move the map or navigate the menu, use WASD. To open and close the menu, use Shift (crouch). Use spacebar (jump) to click a button.
    • Spacebar outside of the menu will re-render the entire map.
    • Last menu option allows for enabling markers / adding static markers, or other configuration options


    ScreenShot_2020-09-20 22-01-06.png

    You can add markers to maps. You can enable showing markers where players are, and configure whether to show player names, coordinates or both. Markers can also be enabled to only show where the player holding the map is located.

    Static markers can be configured in the map ui. Simply press spacebar while having the 'add static marker' selected, and configure the marker. It will show up in the list, which can then later be edited.

    Live Updating:

    By default maps automatically redraw portions when block physics occur. This might cause performance problems for the server if there are a lot of changes happening all the time. You can disable this live updating of the map in the settings menu (right-most button). It is then possible to also periodically re-render the map by executing the /map render [uuid] command on a schedule, or manually.

    Note: display bugs will be fixed as this project matures.

Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowSkull20
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing plugin, works really great and looks really cool. I recommend this a lot
  2. NewJeb
    Version: 1.0
    This is an amazing plugin, but please do map updates after using WorldGuard, map does not update the zone after using it. Thanks for the wonderful plugin.
  3. jhezreel708
    Version: 0.7
    aside from the display bug or the map being unloaded sometimes. It works great! I really hope the dev resumes the development of this one :(
  4. KazMNF
    Version: 0.7
    Didnt seen like this plugin before. Beyond new level.
    Im just impressed.
  5. lelik_01
    Version: v0.6
    Офигенный плагин, альтернатив нет. Сам использую его на своём сервере для 3д обзора местности.
  6. iKilledEveryone
    Version: v0.6
    This plugin is really clever! I can't believe it's not more popular than it is. Interesting concept. Hope to see some more from this dev. Nice work!
  7. wormecode
    Version: v0.6
    Amazing plugin! This map look like perfect. Really good plugin and developer. Keep up good work!
  8. Andre_601
    Version: v0.5
    Really an amazing plugin.
    It looks quite nice.

    A small issue tho is that players can rotate the maps, which makes the whole map look ugly, so I have to put it behind glass.

    Also the plugin would be even more nice, if it would have support to implement own custom icons and/or a border for the map.

    But other than those minor things is that plugin really well made.
  9. tucaofeng
    Version: v0.5
    Amazing plugin.May i transfer it to Chinese Forum,of course,i will follow the rules and not against your copyright.
  10. heromode
    Version: v0.4
    A great plugin I can not find anywhere else. But I worry about server performance. I can not let the guest server use. I hope there are some settings in the config to improve on the next update