Maplands 1.1

Minecraft worlds in the map dimension

  1. Minor tweak for 1.17

    Added a min/max height setting in config.yml, since as of 1.17 worlds can be higher than 256. Also fixed an issue with the cached image corrupting, causing re-renders.
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  2. First 1.0 release, performance-related improvements

    • Added map UI option to turn live refreshing on/off
    • Added command to re-render a map remotely by UUID
    • Performance improvements in map rendering logic
    • Compatibility with new BKCommonLib changes
    • Fix tooltip in marker menu sometimes not disappearing
    • Show 'world not loaded' when the world displayed isn't loaded
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  3. Map markers and a new zoom level

    • Adds a new zoom level (2x2 pixels per block)
    • Adds support for showing markers where players are / static markers
    • Added a permission players must have to be able to open the menu to change the map
    • Chunks are no longer loaded synchronously while rendering, which might help performance a little bit
  4. Add give command, internal refactor for external interfacing support

    Small incremental update that adds a /map give [playernames] command, to give a map to other players. Some internal changes to make it easier for external addons to detect where in the world a player clicked when clicking on the map.
  5. Performance improvements, map cache, background color (1.15)

    • [Added] Background color of map can now be configured [Maplands Issue #20]
    • [Added] Caching of the map data to prevent tps drop when the map loads
    • [Improved] Rendering performance, improves panning speed of large maps
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  6. Support for Minecraft 1.14+, bugfixes, added configuration

    Besides officially supporting Minecraft 1.14+, also includes some requested changes

    • Disable rotating maps using right-click on item frames
    • Speed up block rendering when handling block physics event
    • Fix incorrect depth calculations, causing render glitches sometimes
    • Make max render time per map per tick configurable in config.yml
    • Fix map render glitch when panning down
  7. Support update for 1.13 and 1.13.1

    Simply updates the plugin.yml to specify api-version 1.13. In addition, v0.5 now loads the resource pack during onEnable, silencing warnings and tick-lag when first viewing a map.
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  8. Fixes rendering of certain heights, automatically updates when blocks change

    Requires latest 1.12.2-v1 version of BKCommonLib

    Fixes an issue where it would clip the terrain at certain heights when using larger maps. Now correctly renders all heights and sizes, doing it more efficiently too. In addition maps are now automatically updated when blocks in view change.

    Automatic updating:
  9. New amazing functionalities and much better performance

    Big update! This update makes Maplands much easier to use in general. You will absolutely need the latest 1.12.1-v3 release of BKCommonLib!
    • While holding the map and pressing shift, a menu will show up to perform the rotation/zooming. Shift again to close, spacebar to confirm, WASD to select.
    • Placing multiple maps next to each other will extend the map display. This makes it much easier to create large displays.
    • When not in the menu WASD simply looks around.
    • There are...
  10. Next indev release!

    Now supports 4 rotation angles (controlled using spacebar). Thanks to the new updates in BKCommonLib, it now renders almost all blocks correctly!

    Maps are now persistent and viewed by all players. Setting one up has been made easier, centering where you are in the middle of the map when opening and rotating around that point.