MapRatingSystem 1.3.1

Because feedback is important.

  1. dementisimus
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    • 1.17
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    Because feedback is important.

    MapRatingSystem is a lightweight, inventory based feedback (rating) system for minecraft maps.

    • allow your users to rate your maps
    • view user feedback on maps in an inventory (/maprating)
    • Multilingual console messages (languages currently available: English, German)
    • Each player may choose a suitable language via /language, otherwise the language will be picked automatically
    • No need to install anything by yourself - MapRatingSystem does everything for you (except for MapRatingSystem itself ¬‿¬ )!
    • Powerful API for Java Developers
    • Continuous development with many planned features
    • 24/7-Support at our Discord-Server


    1. Java 16
    2. Spigot 1.17.x (PaperMC recommended)
    3. Access to the server console (for the automated setup)
    4. Access to a database (MongoDB, MariaDB (MySQL), SQLite)


    1. Make sure your server is stopped, or will be restarted. Do not reload your server!
    2. Download the latest version of MapRatingSystem from GitHub Releases
    3. Move the downloaded jar-file to the plugins-folder
    4. Start (or restart) your server
    5. Go through the installation process (setup) in your console by answering the prompted questions with commands (commands represent the data, may be infinitely long)



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    Happy map rating!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Felxi
    Version: 1.2.0
    This plugin looks very good, but unfortunately I can't select a language and therefore can't use the plugin properly/at all.
    1. dementisimus
      Author's Response

      Thank you for your review!

      The language for a player should be selected automatically, but I will add an inventory to let players select the language they want.

      On our discord (, you can suggest anything you want - your suggestions will be implemented as soon as possible.

      Thank you!