MapRatingSystem 1.3.1

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  1. [important notes, read desc] legacy support [<1.16] removed, cache bug fixed

    • fixed bug :: "the cache @ e.g: /mr Amu wont be updated after updating a vote!"
    • removed legacy support for <1.16!
    • added TOS @ Overview
    The support for 1.8-1.15.2 (<1.16) has been removed and I will no longer support bugs coming from these outdated versions!
    If you'd like to update, I recommend using Spigot/Paper 1.16.4 (latest) && ProtocolSupport (if you'd like to allow legacy players to join)

    Due to the removal of legacy support, Java 11 is now required to use this plugin!

    for more information, click here;

    Thank you.
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