MapRatingSystem 1.3.1

Because feedback is important.

  1. MapRatingSystem v1.3.1


    • Inventory clicks are not being cancelled (without MapCreator e.g. running simultaneously on the server)
    • SignInput (CoreAPI): no Sign is being opened, switched to input via chat instead
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  2. MapRatingSystem v1.3.0

    MapCreator v1.4.0 has been released!

    • The entire code has been rewritten, the Performance & API have been improved
    • Commands have been removed, added inventories instead
    • Database support for SQLite & MariaDB have been improved (performance & handling)...
  3. [HotFix] 1.2.1

    updated the plugin to Paper 1.17.1

    this version changes the download for the required dependencies, there is just only one dependency-jar left: CoreAPIDependencies.jar - this...
  4. [important notes, read desc] legacy support [<1.16] removed, cache bug fixed

    • fixed bug :: "the cache @ e.g: /mr Amu wont be updated after updating a vote!"
    • removed legacy support for <1.16!
    • added TOS @ Overview
    The support for 1.8-1.15.2 (<1.16) has been removed and I will no longer support bugs coming from these outdated versions!
    If you'd like to update, I recommend using Spigot/Paper 1.16.4 (latest) &&...
  5. [important note] legacy support (<1.16) will be removed! [read desc]

    this version has not changed anything yet.

    I will remove the support of legacy versions (<1.16) due to major code, feature & performance limitations.

    Therefore, I will update this project within the next few days. If you want to still run a server on <1.16, this is the last update.

    Otherwise, you can switch to >1.16.4-Servers by using Spigot/Paper >1.16.4 && ProtocolSupport.

    The legacy version can still be...
  6. improved CoreAPI (=performance)

    • improved CoreAPI (partly rewritten)