MarksAPI 3.00

Put all the plugins' marks together!

  1. yueyinqiu
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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    It doesn't matter.
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    This API is bidirectional
    This API only provides the function of integrating and providing marks
    That is to say, this plug-in does not store marks as you think, but needs to use other plugins to store them.

    What can this plugin do? 1
    For those developers want to record or use marks
    For example, if you want a teleporting plugin, which can teleport a player to a residence, or to another player, or a mob, or a preseted position.
    This plugin formerly need to ask for the residence plugin, get the player and mobs, and even write and save files.
    The plugin will be very complex because there are lots of completely different logics to implement.
    However, if the residence can provide the residence as marks, and some special plugins can provide the players, mobs as marks, and plugins provide save/write custom marks
    ——what you should do is, to get the mark, and teleport the player.

    What can this plugin do? 2
    For the server owners
    Many owner will get bored when they have to set the same positions for every plugin.
    But if the plugins can use this API
    ——want they should do is, use a plugin to save the marks, then other plugins can directly use it.

    How to develop with the API?
    Download 'MarksAPI.jar' and use it
    The core class is MarksManager. The detailed infos please wait for the WIKI.
    You may check out the two examples PlayersAsMarks and Teleporter first.
    So far, one of my plugin NWorldPermissions has supported this API, you may use my plugin to test yours.
    And you can check out the javadoc here:

    Need your help
    You can participate in coding this API, or provide services such as marks reading and writing.
    You can find the code, examples and wiki(under construction) here:
    I'm more familiar with C#, and I'm just coding Java with my knowledge of C#. Please criticize.
    Welcome Issues and Pull Requests.
    You may contact me (in any way) to directly join the project instead of pull requests.

    Here my Skype group(Nololiyt):

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