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  1. xTheAurisx
    Yeah yeah, I'm aware that there is already a couple marriage scripts around.

    Mine also has around the same features as them, but I may or may not fiddle around and try to add the rest of the features at some point.


    /marry help:
    Shows marriage commands.
    /marry <player>: Sends a marriage proposal to a player, or accepts a marriage proposal from the player.
    /marry tp: Teleports to your partner.
    /marry sethome: Sets your marriage home to your location.
    /marry home: Teleports to your marriage home.
    /marry gift: Sends the item stack you are holding to your partner.
    /divorce <player>: Divorces you from your partner.

    The script does not support multiple marriages, and doesn't really support multiple proposals either (would be easy enough to add though) It works far from perfectly, especially the proposal system, but I feel that it works good enough to at least share it.

    This is my first time sharing a script, although I've made many for myself before.

    The script contains a plethora of options, opening up most messages and the chat tag to be edited to your liking.

    The marriage teleport command includes the option of including a delay, and the marriage gift command includes an item blacklist (just enchanted book and air by default).


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