Marriage Master (MC 1.7-1.15) 2.0.20

Marriage Master allows you to marry another player in Minecraft to get some extras.

  1. GeorgH93

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    Marriage Master allows you to marry another player in Minecraft to gain some extras. It offers an outstanding compatibility with older Minecraft versions and gets updated regularly.
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    • Highly Configurable
    • Permissions
    • Shared Home with partner
    • Teleport to partner
    • XP Boost when near partner
    • Faster health regeneration when near partner
    • Private Chat with partner
    • Marry players through a priest or on your own
    • Enable/Disable PvP with you partner
    • Ability to kiss your partner (with particle effect)
    • Gift Items to your partner
    • View all married
    • Option to enable the need to accept the marriage
    • Optional vault support (for permissions and economy)
    • Chat prefix
    • Surnames
    • Autoupdater
    • Minepacks integration to share backpacks
    • Multi Language (with fully customize able messages)
    • MySQL Support
    • Support for name changing / UUIDs
    • BungeeCord Support
    • Placeholders
    • API for developers


    • /marry - List all marry commands
    • /marry <playername> <playername> - Marries two players, only for priests
    • /marry divorce <playername> - Divorces two players, only for priests
    • /marry list - Shows all married players
    • /marry tp - Teleports to the partner
    • /marry sethome - Sets the home for two married players
    • /marry home - Teleports to the home of married players
    • /marry chat - Allows to chat a couple private
    • /marry chat toggle - Toggles the chat to send all chat messages to the partner instead of to the public
    • /marry pvpon - Turns PvP between two married players on
    • /marry pvpoff - Turns PvP between two married players off
    • /marry kiss - To kiss your partner
    • /marry gift - Gifts the item in your hand to your partner
    • /marry backpack - Opens the backpack of your partner
    • /marry backpack on - Allows your partner to use your backpack
    • /marry backpack off - Disallows your partner to use your backpack
    • /marry me - Sends a player a marry request
    • /marry priest <playername> - Sets a priest
    • /marry listenchat - Shows the marry chat
    • /marry reload - Reloads the configuration of the plugin

    You can find the full list of permissions here.


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    Special Thanks:
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Recent Updates

  1. v2.0.20: MC 1.15
  2. v2.0.18: Bugfixes
  3. v2.0.16: Trident Bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. SilkPenny
    Version: 2.0.18
    Recommended! Great resource for players wanting a marriage plugin and working perfectly on 1.14.4. The continued updates are appreciated, too!
  2. DanDanisme
    Version: 2.0.16
    Very good plug-in authors solve problems very quickly
    Players have questions
    What should he do if his partner is no longer online and he can't get divorced?
  3. KeriLe
    Version: 2.0.15
    Great plugin! Suggestion: Implement a feature where you hover over the person's name in chat and it tells you who the person is married to. This is great for those who didn't set to have partner names in prefixes since it clogs up chat.
  4. Galardia
    Version: 2.0.15
    Very nice job and very good plugin this simple to instal and config just want to know when french translation ?
  5. Ericwtwpower
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent 2.0 Version! Or maybe add GUI will more better xD.
  6. Qinak
    Version: 1.31.16
    Great plugin, fun for the players, easy to use, great features coming in V2 and fast support from author. Very recommended.
  7. MrRayhonda
    Version: 1.31.15
    one of if not THE best marriage plugin. Love it! I do have a question though, Players are complaining that XP boost isn't working. Is that something i need to turn on or? o,o
  8. ttoocs
    Version: 1.31.13
    Great plugin, does what it's meant to, feature rich, easy to understand, friendly and approachable developer. What more could you want?
  9. RisingStarLuke
    Version: 1.31.7
    For a lightweight plugin, it is using too much ressources, lagspikes results in timings.
  10. Raikas
    Version: 1.31.7
    Nice, works very good. Very good for an RPG servers and adds the small bit to the game.