Marriage (Reloaded) [1.11-1.8] 2.0.15

Marry in minecraft

  1. lenis0012
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    This is a plugin that allows you to marry in minecraft to get acces to special features.
    Marriage was first created back in december 2012
    I recently rebuilt marriage from scratch, being much faster with better database support and also allowing me to add new features more easily.

    • Marry in minecraft
    • PlotSquared auto-trust support
    • Set a shared home
    • Private chat
    • Gifts
    • Teleport
    • Genders
    • Share health
    • Married XP boost
    • Kissing! (both players must crouch and right click)
    • List all married couples
    • Automatic updates
    • Chat spying
    • Advanced configuration

    /marry - Display command help
    /marry <player> - Request/accept a marriage
    /marry chat - Toggle private chat
    /marry gender <gender> - Set your gender
    /marry gift - Gift the item you're currently holding
    /marry heal - Heal your partner with you own health
    /marry sethome - Set your shared home
    /marry home - Go to your shared home
    /marry tp - Teleport to your partner
    /marry seen - Check your partner's last online

    /marry update - Download updates if available
    /marry chatspy - Spy on private chat
    /marry migrate - Migrate your database

    marry.* - Allows all permissions
    marry.admin - Allows access to admin commands
    marry.default - Allows access to player commands

    Dev Builds (Jenkins)
    Source Code (GitHub)

    please don't post bugs in your reviews :)
    use discussion for that
    I love reviews though <3
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Recent Reviews

  1. Betob89
    Version: 2.0.15
    Where i cant active pvp on marrie ? in the config? .
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      by default, married players should be able to pvp
  2. Fonzee9
    Version: 2.0.15
    I don't like the versions passed 20.12 cause pvp is disabled in my server so its stupid for it to have a toggle that doesn't work also i liked it to only display a <3 beside there name not if there male or female.
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      Both of these features can be disabled
  3. GolemGamingYT
    Version: 2.0.15
    I absolutely love this plugin!
    Its great for my Plot World!

    Keep on doing good plugins like this!

  4. texxxxxx
    Version: 2.0.13
    gr8 plugin m8

    ....................................100 Characters...................................
  5. bradiscool41
    Version: 2.0.13
    Amazing plugin. 0 errors. Works perfectly. Best part it's open source <3 Love your work keep it up. :)
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      thank you for your kind words <3
  6. PizzaPlaysMC
    Version: 2.0.13
    I can't change the messages in the lang file. Color codes don't have any effect on the messages. Please help. This is a big negative to the plugin
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      Please post in the discussion section about this =)
      thanks for your review
  7. Pr0Pancakeslol
    Version: 2.0.12
    Would love to see double xp added for married couples. Other than that, it's a pretty great plugin to use.
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      Added to 2.0.13.
      Thanks for your review =)
  8. tatin1998
    Version: 2.0.12
    OMG, excelent plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For my creative server users love it!!!! XD
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      thank you
  9. redfrosting
    Version: 2.0.12
    Very nice plugin, I have been using this on our Survival server for 2+ years now and my players love it!
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      thanks for the support redfrosting :)
      If you have any cool idea or suggestions please let me know! <3
  10. Sonacabon
    Version: 2.0.12
    Hey I love your plugin, so do the players, but I have a couple suggestions for it.
    1. A permission to use chat colors instead of everyone being able to use it in marriage chat.
    2. Ability to disable certain commands.
    3. Ability to change the messages in the Marriage help section (We can always use "\n" to go to the next line or an array).
    Any ways it is still an amazing plugin, I would suggest this for all survival servers as it's the best as of this time.
    1. lenis0012
      Author's Response
      you can disable commands in the config :)
      I will add the permission
      Ill think about changing the help format.

      Thanks for your review, and thank you SO MUCH for your support <3