Mass YAML Editor 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Clear all of the essentials homes.

  1. _Cory_
    Support via IRC at #ryred. I may be asleep, but it will be the fastest method of contact if I'm at my pc, along with teamspeak at

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any data loss/corruption what so ever. By using this you accept this.

    This plugin clears all of the homes of all of the players.
    Due to it's simplicity, there is no customisation or even verbose messaging.


    How to:
    1. Stop the server.
    2. Make sure the server is stopped.
    3. Seriously if it's not stopped then you will break stuff :eek:.
    4. Go to your folder containing all your .yml files.
    5. Backup the folder.
    6. Make sure it's backed up.
    7. Copy MYE.jar here.
    8. Run the command: java -jar MYE.jar userdata [args]
    9. Wait a second for it to do it's stuff.. Bigger it is, the longer it will take ;P.
    10. Tada.
    The arguments consists of the path of the element, and the value.

    Lets start with the path.. Say you've got this file:​
    Code (Text):
      logout: 1423745140247
      login: '45641564'
    afk: false
      world: Void # This is what we want to change
      x: -927.5666882422389
      y: 6.0
      z: 794.3000000119209
      yaw: -80.69895
      pitch: 87.14998
    money: '9999'
    nickname: acecheesecr14 .
    We want to change the world... So the path would be:

    And this is where we get onto the value, to clear it, just leave it as, but to set it to something specific, use It's pretty easy. And to clear the whole lastloation, just use lastlocation.​

    Code (spiget-extra (Unknown Language)):
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