MassiveTickets 2.14.0

Help your players and get achievements!

  1. Cayorion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Cayorion, Madus, Ulumulu1510
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    What is MassiveTickets?
    MassiveTickets is a Help Ticket plugin designed to Game Staff members. This unique plugin helps staff track player submitted issues and lets us get to you in a timely fashion to address your issue. Usage of the plugin goes like this:
    1. Player files a help ticket.
    2. Staff Member picks the ticket.
    3. Staff Member helps Player.
    4. Staff Member or Player marks the ticket as done.
    5. Staff Member gets a point in the weekly high score.
    6. Staff Member gets weekly achievements.
    Official Server
    Join in and play with us on the official Factions RPG Minecraft Server!

Recent Updates

  1. 2.14.0
  2. 2.13.7
  3. 2.13.6

Recent Reviews

  1. OnyxianSoul
    Version: 2.14.0
    The plugin is ok, i like how it handles rewards for tickets(not for cheating since it gives rewards just for submitting), and i kinda like how it handles resolving tickets, but i have to be honest. I'm desintalling. a 2.4mb dependancy for a 100kb plugin, really? come on... makes no sense
  2. Smashbox
    Version: 2.13.7
    Looked promising, but alas, junk.

    (Minimum character fillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
  3. Hmmcrunchy
    Version: 2.10.0
    brill plugin as are all the massivecraft ones excellently programmed and great for rpg servers :D thanks guys
  4. KnightReaver905
    Version: 2.8.20
    Does what it says but only if the player stays online, If you don't happen to have staff on when a ticket is placed and the player logs off the ticket is lost and the player feels ignored! You then don't know about the issue till it happens when staff are on. This would be a great plugin for a very large server with staff on 24/7, but not for any server who does not have 24/7 staffing.
  5. MysticTraveller1
    Version: 2.8.18
    This plugin is great but there are no permissions and you don't show the commands on the page so I don't know what they are to add too my custom help message.
    1. Cayorion
      Author's Response
  6. L33t
    Version: 2.8.13
    Definitely the best free ticketing system. Does what it says super effectively. <3
    Version: 2.8.5
    love it just what i needed to help keep track of the issues i need to fix
  8. Thortuna
    Version: 2.7.0
    Great addition to any server to make lives easier for staff and players. It brings a new level of professionalism to the table in regards to helping players with issues. Awesome insentive for staff to help players aswell!