MassSayReborn ~ Force Players To Say Whatever You Want 1.2.0

Force all your players to say something or execute a command!

  1. More Permissions, Bug Fixes, Minor Optimization

    • Added permissions and masssayreborn.command. Users will now require one of the each or both to force players to say something or execute a command.
    • Fixed permissions bug.
    • Fixed bStats Metrics not working.
    • Minor optimizations.
    • Updated website and package names.
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  2. Direct Download

    MassSayReborn is now switching to a DIRECT download, which means you are able to download older versions- keeping in mind that you will not receive support for legacy releases.
  3. Update API, 1.14

    MassSayReborn is now using the new 1.14 API and updated all repositories/libraries accordingly:
    -bStats (Metrics)

    This update should have also fixed a permissions issue.

    Thank you for using this plugin!
    New donation link:
  4. New Download Method, Alias, and Update Checker

    Here's a list of what was changed in this update:

    -Implemented a new download method.
    -Added the /massay alias, requested by @Erty66790.
    -Implemented the update checker. Notifies you when a new update is released!