Material Repairs Version 1.2

Why use experience to repair items?

  1. Faceguy
    MaterialRepairs is a simple skript to change the repair mechanic. The idea is simple enough - you can use materials instead of experience to repair things! Simply left-click an anvil with the item you want to repair, and if you have enough materials in your inventory, it'll be repaired by a configurable amount! Iron repairs iron items, diamond repairs diamond items. Simple.​

    • Easy repair system that uses materials instead of experience
    • Item's name, lore, and enchantments are always preserved
    • Smacking an item directly onto an anvil makes you feel badass
    • Sexy sound effects for different weapon/tool/armor types
    • Immersive, easy to use repairing without a GUI
    Skript and skRayfall

    Within the skript file are options for each of the item types. You can easily set how many materials it takes to repair an item to suit your server. If you'd like, you can also manually change the messages for repairing, for localization and such, or even the materials

    See It In Action:
    Join PLAY.FACE.LAND and find an anvil I guess?

    Upcoming Features
    • Option to change messages more easily
    • Option to change materials required more easily
    • Maybe something to upgrade renaming items too!


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Recent Reviews

  1. omermarvel
    Version: Version 1.1 (1.9 Updated)
    what is your texturepack? i love it :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  2. Sil3ntAssassin7
    Version: Version 1.1 (1.9 Updated)
    Very good skript sir! keep up the good work, I could see you making some money off of skript's (; Thanks for this though man!
  3. Proxwian
    Version: 1.0
    Useful, thx