MathsMate 1.8

Allows for a quick and easy way to check binomial and algebraic expansions

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    Mathsmate takes a little relief off those doing 'extension/harder' maths. It allows for any term in a ' simplistic' binomial equation to be solved. Before I begin, this does not work for simplified quadratic expansions (because if you decide to read on common sense may prevail)

    With the upcoming updates more 'higher order' mathematical devices are being added!

    /Mathmate (value) (Value before X) (Power) (X being found)

    For example: /mathmate 3 2 3 2 would equate to:

    Finding the term before x^2 in the equation (3+2x)^3

    /Mathmatesolver (value) (Value before X) (Power)

    For example: /mathmate 3 2 3 would equate to:

    Finding all terms in the equation (3+2x)^3

    /quadraticmate (value) (value) (value)

    For example: /mathmate 3 2 3 would equate to:

    Finding the x values in the equation 3x^2+2x+3

    Some Rules and Information which Mathsmate stipulates:
    • Negative powers are not yet available.
    • The X value being found must be less or equal to the power provide
    • Fractions are not yet supported (negative numbers are)
    • When I say X being found I do not mean finding a term (as Term means in K+1... dw if you dont get this). (However if you are using this to solve a maths problem and it may say use the 'second term' make sure you add one to ' X being found' )
    • If the value you want is too large it will come out as zero
    • X values in the equation cannot be currently squared
    • If the X being found is 0, this is the independent variable (has no X attached to it, x^0 = 1)
    • If the value of X yin the equation you want is just 'x', make the value 1! (cause 1x = x)
    • The Number in the equation comes before the X value and its number. Eg It is not (2x+1), instead (1+2x)
    • Negative Square roots are inaccessible (were not going down that path at this stage :p)

    What this can be used for:
    • Expanding Whole Equations
    • Finding a value of X in a large equation without all the working out!
    • Solving simple/complex equations
    • Helping with maths homework!
    • Solving Hard and easy Quadratics

    What this is:

    This plugin is just basically an adaption of the Binomial theorem, Quadratic Theorem.. more to come.

    Screenshots (and how to use):

    Say you wanted to expand (2+x)^2
    To see what the whole expanded equation is, just add all the values together!

    So 4x^0 + 4x^1 + 1x^2 = 4 + 4x + 1

    Say you wanted to find the x^10 (or 9th term of x) value in (3+4x)^18

    The x^1 value in (10 -10x)^3
    Yes Negatives Work aswell, and they follow the maths rules around them ( -^2 = +)

    The Whole Expanded form of (3+2x)^3

    You can then rewrite it like:
    27 + 54x + 36x^2 + 8x^3

    (x to the power of 0, means it is an independent of x term. Thus it has no x value with it)

    Solving the quadratic, x^2 + 4x + 3

    Solving the quadratic, x^2 + 3x -64

    (Reminder this works for monic/non monic quadratics)

    Authors Note:
    This plugin may not have any use for players, but since I could not find a binomial solver online, I feel some players will like this! (since this is a coding community, who dosent like a bit of maths) (I have done Maths EXT and I realise how hard it is! :D). If you use it for simple expansions or for much more, I just hope you enjoy it!

    Future Updates:
    • Allow use of pronumeral ' y' in first equation
    • Fraction Support
    • Value of n support
    • Factorial Support
    • Any Bugs
    • Negative Indices (however, Binomial theorem will not work :( as n is positive I belief, correct me if im wrong)

Recent Updates

  1. Quadratics!