Matrix AntiCheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8/1.12/1.13/1.14 2.8.0

High Performance | Customizable | Machine Learning | Cross-Version

  1. 2.8.0

    • Improved TPS/Lag protection
    • Improved Jesus check, patched some bypasses
    • Fixed various Jesus false positives with the trident
    • Fixed some Speed false flags on 1.14
    • Added the NoSaddle check for Vehicle check, it can prevent player controlling the horse without a saddle
    • Added the MoreInventory/Inventory++ check for Inventory check
    • Added a new KillAura check: ClickAimBot (only working for premium users)
    File changes:
    • checks.yml...
  2. 2.7.5

    • Fixed a Phase false positive when player collide with bell
    • Changed the priority of the BlockBreakEvent listener from "Monitor" to "HIGH", this helps some plugins to be compatible with Matrix
    • Try to fix a Sneak Glitch bug when NoSlow is detected
    • Fixed a Jesus false positive
    • Fixed some Speed false flags
    • Fixed a Fly false flags when joining the server
    • Now you can customize the description of the command!
    • Implemented some new utility classes...
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  3. 2.7.4

    • Fixed some Speed false positives*, if you are using 2.7.3, you should update now, 2.7.3 is an unstable version
    • Improved Interact check
    • Maybe fixed a Vehicle false positive
    • Significantly reduce plugin jar size (1.4Mb now)
    File changes: none

    Thanks for using Matrix <3
  4. 2.7.3

    • Fixed a Jesus false positive when the 1.14 client swimming in the 1.8/1.12 server
    • Fixed a Jesus false positive when player walking up to the half block from the water
    • Improved noslow check accuracy and weakened the noslow check for 1.14 because of NMS flaws like shit :(
    • Changed the way to generate real entity id, it has better performance
    • Added some options to adjust the machine learning killaura check
    • Removed some useless check and utilities
  5. 2.7.2

    • Fixed an Interact false positive because of the Vine block
    • Improved Vehicle check and Fly check
    • Patched a bypass
    • Added option "deny_entity_types_as_vehicle" for vehicle check
    • Added swim vertical check for the Jesus check
    • Fixed a logical bug in the block utility class
    • Maybe fixed a bug that the player is pulled back to the original place after the teleport
    File changes:
    • checks.yml...
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  6. 2.7.1

    • Patched a Fastweb bypass when the player gliding
    • Increased tolerance of the elytra check for high latency players
    • Fixed a vehicle false positive when player using a boat on the blue ice
    • Improved Fly detection
    • Fixed a fly false positive when player breaking blocks under the foot
    • Fixed a Jesus false positive
    • Fixed a Speed false positive
    • Corrected a critical bug in a utility class, this bug has existed since the release of Matrix. It affects the...
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  7. 2.7.0

    • Fixed a fly-ground spoof false positive when you breaking the block under your foot
    • Fixed a fly false positive when player climbing on the scaffolding block
    • Fixed a velocity false positive after respawning
    • Improved Fly check
    • Some minor changes and optimizations
    File changes: none


    Thanks for using Matrix
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  8. 2.6.10

    • Patched a crash bug
    • Fixed a logical bug in a compatibility module
    • Fixed a Fly false positive when player jumping on the boat
    • Added more items into the Noslow check
    • Removed some useless code, reduced jar file size (2.3M -> 2.0M)
    • From now on, Matrix's jar file name will contain the version number.
    File changes:
    • checks.yml...
  9. 2.6.9

    • Fixed an Elytra false positive when player gliding in the water
    • Added speed attribute support for entity speed check (only horse)
    • Changed the way to detect using firework in Elytra check
    • Fixed a FastBreak false positive when breaking the iron block
    • Fixed some velocity false flags
    • Removed some useless code&utilities
    • Removed Xray check, because it's too slow and not accurate enough, you can use Orebfuscator or Paper's built-in AntiXray
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  10. 2.6.8

    • Removed Velocity#6 check because it's unstable
    • Fixed a Fly false flags
    • Matrix will call "EntityDamageEvent" when force damaging NoFall cheating player
    • Added an option to custom the permission cache refresh interval
    • Fixed a Fly false positive when you get damaged by an arrow
    • Fixed a bug that causes entity speed bypass
    • Fixed a Fly false positive when you jumping on the shulker box
    File changes:
    • config.yml...