Matter Transference 1.2

For more than just walnuts. Travel through the Ether!

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    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    Matter Transference adds matter transference, or teleportation, devices known as MTDs. The devices act as portals, linking one location to another.


    /mtd help - display commands

    /mtd create [mtd] - create MTD
    /mtd del [mtd] - remove MTD
    /mtd link [mtd] - link to current location
    /mtd rename [old] [new] - rename MTD
    /mtd list - list MTDs

    MTDs are advantageous over more traditional portal plugins for server owners trying to optimize. This is because of the way MTDs are defined. MTDs are defined by a single block location. MTDs are activated by stepping on a pressure plate at the defined location. Traditional portal plugins, on the other hand, usually define portals as a region. These types of portals are activated by checking if players are inside the region. The MTDs will only perform a location check when a pressure plate is stepped on, while traditional portals will make a location check every time a player moves.


    • matter.mtd - edit MTDs
    • matter.* - grants all permissions



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