MazeGenerator 1.1c

Generator Mazes, Cool Features Coming soon

  1. Dablakbandit
    Generate a random maze!


    Ability to
    • New, Delete, Load, Unload Maze's
    • Control width, path width
    • Control outer-wall-blocks, inner-wall-blocks, floor-blocks, roof-blocks
    • Set how many Block Per Second (BPS) to use whilst generating the maze
    Disallows inside mazes:
    • Stops falling blocks (sand, gravel)
    • Stops creatures spawning
    • Stops leaves decay
    • Stops explosions
    • Stops water/lava flow
    • Stops fire
    • Stops normal player from breaking blocks

    To make a maze like the one above:
    1. Stand where you want the middle of the maze to be
    2. /maze new <maze-name>
    3. /maze edit set width 100
    4. /maze edit set height 20
    5. /maze edit set path 2
    6. /maze edit add inner Leaves
    7. /maze edit add outer Log
    8. /maze edit add floor Glowstone
    9. /maze create


    By default the bps is 1000 BPS, this can be changed in config or in game. When you do /maze create it will tell you how fast the maze is being generated (BPS). The plugin splits the BPS over all the current mazes being generated, for example if the BPS was 1000 and two mazes are being generated the BPS for each maze would be 500.
    To change the BPS in-game:

    • /maze generator set bps <amount>
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes
  2. Fixed pathing, Added even widths
  3. Better generating

Recent Reviews

  1. PepijnGamer
    Version: 1.1c
    Its a decent plugin, but still basic. Hope you're going to update it (or someone else?) if it breaks in 1.13
  2. Alry_FireBlade
    Version: 1.1c
    The idea is awesome but when i want to set the width its say ,,is not compatible with the path, use 51 or 49. If i use one of the numbers it says the same with other numbers. Every time :/

    Changing the Hight did nothing. No complete message, no error message just nothing.

    Last thing: The labyrinth has no entry and no exit. Where does it start?

    To much Problems to get more then 3 Stars.

    (Minecraft Spigot 1.11.2)
  3. Danielllll3
    Version: 1.1c
    ayyyy good stuff, no limits to what size, going to make the players insane! I made a 250 one, it's a bit big though.
  4. DevilsAdvocate
    Version: 1.1c
    Excellent plugin. only problem is it would offset the center 1 block north west. but that is very easily fixed by marking where you want the center, then moving 1 block southeast before doing /maze new (name)

    would be awesome if you could have it also generate a start point and finish point in the outer walls. maybe even have minigame style commands/signs that players can click on to warp to a maze, then warp them back to selection room when they click on the finish sign.

    created a 97 block wide, 1 wide path 4 level maze using this plugin. manually adding in steps to go from 1 layer to another, having to go up and down several times. it got my players raging XD but they all love it. fastest time through that maze was 4 hours 9 minutes. lol.
  5. SuperTruperHans
    Version: 1.1c
    ist very cool idea. Can you help me with your command?
    i cant use /maze edit set path 2
    create maze ok, set width ok, set height ok
    but step 5 ?
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      It should, if you see the message "Maze width is not a multiplier of the path" then the command still worked
  6. pongleung
    Version: 1.1c
    good plugin~
    how can i change the inner/outer/floor
    now i just can add a new material, but not change
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      I will update the plugin soon with a chat gui to have better editing of the maze
  7. vk2gpz
    Version: 1.1c
    if you can add the function to randomly and dynamically change the course like in the movie harry potter, or Labyrinth that would be super!
  8. Bolean
    Version: 1.1b
    awesome plugin add more features .
  9. Cluraxe
    Version: V1.1a
    Simply Awesome nice work!
  10. sketaful
    Version: V1.1a
    Wonderful. Love how easy it is to generate a maze with it.
    Would love if you could add support for PlayerMap.
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, message me about your ideas with the PlayerMap :)