MazeHunt 1.5

MazeHunt is a maze role playing game with a unique combat twist

  1. AustinPilz
    Like Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, players are placed into a maze of your own creation. Players have to navigate through twists and turns in hopes to reach the center of the maze first. Whoever reaches the middle first is awarded the MazeHunter sword, and has to hunt down the other players in order to win. Players can choose to run and hide, or team up and try to kill the sword holder.

    • You create your own treacherous maze with a beacon in the middle. Players use the beacon as direction to the center
    • Arena schematic coming soon!

    • When a player joins the game, they are sent to their starting point in the maze. You define the number and position of starting points.
    • As long as 2 players join the game before the countdown hits zero, the game will begin!
    • Players have to navigate through twists and turns in hopes to reach the center of the maze first
    • Whoever reaches the maze first receives the Maze Hunter sword, and has to hunt down and kill all the other players in hopes of winning the game
    • Other players can choose to run and hide, or team up to kill the Maze Hunter


    • To begin the arena setup process, you must execute the command /mha setup [arenaName]without [ ] and where arenaName is the name of your arena
    Area Selection
    • Using the selection tool defined in the config file (default is the golden shovel), you will be prompted to do an area selection of the arena by selecting the two corner points of the arena
    Sword Location
    • You will then be prompted to click anywhere to set your current location as the sword location.
    • This step is important! Stand exactly where you want the sword award location to be. This is the location players will have to walk over in order to get the sword.
    Starting Points
    • You will then be promoted to click anywhere to set your current location (four different times) as the four starting points for your arena.
    • After all of the necessary selections have been made, you will receive a message informing you that the arena has been successfully setup. You can now play in this arena
    Join Signs
    • MazeHunt incorporates a sign join feature to enable players to view sings with the arena information as well as click to join.
    • You can create a MazeHunt sign by placing a sign and adding text as shown in the format below: [​IMG]
    • MazeHunt.* - MazeHunt superuser, gives access to all commands and all permissions
    • MazeHunt.admin - Admin level permissions, gives access to all admin commands
    • MazeHunt.user - User level permissions, required to play by command and/or MazeHunt sign
    • MazeHunt implements and depends upon ProtocolLib in order to monitor player health and hits. The plugin will not load without ProtocolLib
    • If you use multiple worlds on your server , MazeHunt will soft depend on Multiverse or any other multi world plugin. This is to ensure the plugin is able to teleport players across worlds. If you only have one world or don't use a plugin like this, then don't worry

    If enabled in config (which it is by default), you can use the command alias /mh and /mha in place of /mazehunt and /mazehunt admin to execute commands
    Arena Level
    • /mazehuntadmin setup [arena] - Begins setup process for new arena with specified name
    • /mazehuntadmin arenas - Displays list of current arenas
    • /mazehuntadmin arena [arena] - Displays information for arena with specified name
    • /mazehuntadmin end [arena] - Ends current game in arena with specified name
    • /mazehuntadmin delete [arena] - Deletes arena with specified name
    • /mazehuntadmin enable [arena] - Enables arena with specified name if disabled
    • /mazehuntadmin disable [arena] - Disabled arena with specified name if enabled
    • /mazehuntadmin reset - Resets all arenas
    User Management
    • /mazehuntadmin kick [player] - Kicks player with specified name if currently playing a MazeHunt game
    • /mazehuntadmin reload - Reloads MazeHunt config & settings
    • /mazehuntadmin update - Shows update information
    • /mazehuntadmin help - Displays help menu of commands
    • /mazehunt play [arena] - Attempts to join came in provided arena
    • /mazehunt quit - Quits current game if playing
    • /mazehunt help - Displays help menu
    • /mazehunt ? - Displays help menu

    Future Development
    Upcoming Features
    • More advanced winner rewards such as custom commands, money, items.

Recent Reviews

  1. L4bel
    Version: 1.4
    Your plugin is the best , Thanks for this project !
  2. Carlosruler508
    Version: 1.3
    Un plugin magnifico, Austin, continue updating this plugin it can awesome if you add some things more like, effects particles or disguises, it can be epic. :D
    1. AustinPilz
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great ideas! You can drink the invisibility option to become temporarily invisible, but I'll be sure to add more effects! Great idea. Thanks for using the plugin and the review :)
  3. zimbabweh
    Version: 1.3
    MazeHunt is a great addition to any server. The map ideas are endless, and they don't even have to be a maze. Playing in a large mansion is also very fun, or a large forest. Recommend to everyone, this game is awesome.