MC Buddy Finder 9.1 Chat update + fixes

The friend finder and server scannner For everyone!

  1. mmuziek
    Whats MC Buddy Finder?

    MC Buddy finder is an application
    wich u can run to check if a friend comes online on
    the servers you play on it has many features
    and is a must have for the friend clubs
    It works for all servers with query enabled!

    Please reply if you tried it with your experience!
    or even better write a review!​

    We recommend if you update to 8.0 to first uninstall the old version and then update. this due to setting changes!

    • notification balloons on status change
    • sounds to play on status change
    • group sortable
    • easy to use
    • can startup with windows
    • does not need server plugins
    • saves usernames and groups and servers to file automaticly
    • scans all the servers automaticly
    • scan can be run manually
    • Intergrated webserver (no external webserver needed)
    • Possibility to use own webserver!
    • No more connections to external webservers
    • use your own custom sounds!
    • add as many servers users and groups as you want
    • caches minotar avatars automaticly
    • Button to manage avatars
    • custom step by step tutorial on the wiki
    • With brand new global and private chat!
    Windows 7 windows 8.1 Confirmed to work
    Microsoft Framework (is Auto downloaded in case its missing)

    1 - tQswHT4.png 2 - M4aTRcn.png 3 - 31aVDj0.png 4 - oC0GIkq.png 5 - dWaoGKc.png 6 - f6NEFPz.png



    Please let me know if there are any bugs by emailing me trough or the discussion forum

    Extra Information:
    if you dont wanna use the internal webserver and dont have your own webserver? enter buddy finder/view.php in the textbox. and then turn of internal webserver. Restart the app and your done!

    Also when updating. please make a backup from the Data Data2 and Data3 file and return it after updating to keep your users groups and server list

    The app is currently installed on

    Need more suggestions!

    Bitcubes (
    Want your server here? reply on the forum with the data!

Recent Reviews

  1. FloThePony
    Version: 8.0
    Hehe, sorry
    1. mmuziek
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 star rating if you have any suggestions just let me know and k will add it