MC Buddy Finder 9.1 Chat update + fixes

The friend finder and server scannner For everyone!

  1. 9.1 Chat update + fixes

    fixed some texts in the program
    fixed resizing problems.
    fixed sound glitch when using the chat.
    sound now only makes noice when notify is enabled.
    notifications about the chat only shows when app is minimized
  2. 9.0 Chat update

    This new update includes the new chat system to chat with friends that also use MC Buddy Finder!
  3. Avatars fix en error handling 8.0

    This update fixes the internal avatar system
    it is now case sensitive and also load up skins from people with case sensitive names
    you will have to readd people with case sensitive names again.
    sorry for that

    this update also fixes the restore button giving an error that it was in use.
  4. The avatar update and timout fix 1.7.8

    This version i fixed the program hanging when the script is waiting for a reply from the server.
    it will timeout in 5 - 10 seconds

    also i have added a button where you can open up the avatar folder so you can delete the avatars you want to be updated!
  5. version 7.5 Major update

    This update inculdes backing up usernames.
    backing up groups
    and backing up servers with just 1 button and 1 button to restore it after update

    also includes its own avatar script so that your not always depended on minotar because minotar sometimes just doesn't give the avatar you request.

    avatar caching is better now.. and saves in PNG format for best quality
  6. version 7.2 minotar caching

    the program now caches minotar avatars into own cache to lower the web calls
    some timing fixes will now show a message instead of a fatal error when no avatar can be downloaded
  7. Fix

    well i downloaded the 6.5 version and found out that it times out with a 503 error

    1. fix for 503 error
    2. fix for saving usernames
    3. fix for saving groups
    4. fix for saving servers
    5. fix for loading sounds