MC Server Soft // Server Wrapper for Windows 11.11.1

The oldest maintained Minecraft Server Wrapper for Windows.

  1. Updated to

    Version (September 30, 2019)
    • Added logging mechanism
    • Added option to disable logging
    • Added option to force save logs
    • Added option to order server tabs manually (you can drag them around)
    • Added option to display online player count in the server tab (off by default, hidden when 0)
    • Added "Launch Task Manager" shortcut under the Workspace menu
    • Added Scheduler, you can run different tasks at a certain interval after a server has been started (ServerStop, ServerRestart, ServerKill, CustomCommands)
    • Added missing "[Beta support]" label to the forge instance ("create new server" window)
    • Improved Framework 4.7.2 dependency detection
    • Accidental forward slashes are now stripped from console commands
    • Fixed players avatars not showing up
    • Fixed numberic-only textboxes bug
    • Fixed say command falsely triggering server related events
    • Fixed "Servers are still running" window not being centered properly
    • Fixed Custom window sizes not being saved
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