MC Shop Plus(Beta) 1

GUI Shop System

  1. JeNDS
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This plugin Will contain all the necessary assets for your shop

    This plugin is still in beta please be aware of some unknown bugs that may happen, if you do find them, let me know this way i can fix them.

    This Plugin Depends On

    Features Currently Included
    GUI Menu for
    1. Main shop
    2. And you shop
    3. Sell Menu
    4. Buy Menu
    1. Command to reload files /mcshopplus admin reload
    2. Command to open Menu /mcshopplus open <menu_name>
    3. Main Shop Command /shop
    2. MCSP.<menu_name> (for menu permissions)
    3. MCSP.<menu_name>.<Item_name> (for item permisions)
    File Configurations
    all shops
    Also Tab Completes on Commands

    Features to come
    • More Commands
    • More Permissions
    • Per Player Shop Menu
    • Auction Menu
    • Sell Multiplier
    • Shop Maker GUI
    • Sort System
    • Better Shopping System

    Here are some In game Pictures
    main command.PNG
    tab complete.PNG
    shop menu.PNG
    buy Menu.PNG
    sell Menu.PNG

    If you have any recommended feature for this plugin, please let me know and i could implement it on the next update.

    Thanks for Downloading

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes