MCAPI | Player and Server | Server Status | Player Info 1.0

One API for player and server info

  1. jeroen2006
    Use this library to show player and server info on your website.
    This library is made to help website developers with a tool for both player and server info.

    - Server icon
    - Server banner**
    - Server MOTD
    - Max players
    - Players online
    - List of players*

    - Username
    - UUID
    - Head***
    - Torso***
    - Full skin***
    - Name history



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The API is built on top of API, where working with JSON results can be difficult. This library is made to take care of that job.

    This PHP API is free to use for everyone.
    * - Server Query must be enabled, further requirements are documented in the server_example.php

    ** - Banner is generated my mcapi, not the Minecraft Server

    *** - Different sizes available