MCB, announce when players switch server (bukkit plugin) 1

Bukkit plugin to go with the bungee plugin "MCBbungee"

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    MCB bukkit, announce to your players when players change server

    This is the required bukkit plugin to go with the bungee plugin "MCBbungee" link With this, you can set the format for the server switch message, you can change its colour, and the plugin even comes with a sign warp feature(can be disabled)

    The config file is pretty easy, the field "format" is the message you want to appear when a player changes server, the variables here are %p for the player switching, %s for the server they are going to, and %a for the server they just came from. Notice that the symbol "$" can be used anywhere to change the color using default color codes. The other field is "signtp", this controls whether or not sign tp is activated.

    Sign tp
    The way these work is pretty easy, the first line needs to be "[mcb]" and the second line is the name of the server you want to teleport to onclick, now please notice that there isn't a way to delete these without world edit right now(or destroying block under/behind) so please remember before you enable this. The permissions are set so you need to be op to create these signs.

    MCBbungee, the plugin for bungee that this plugin REQUIRES: link

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