MCBans 4.4.4

Customizable Global - Local - Temporary Ban Solution

  1. Corpdraco
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Firestar, Syamn, Draco
    Languages Supported:
    Japanese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
    Welcome to MCBans

    MCBans is a banning solution for Minecraft, provided through the Bukkit and now Spigot plugin. The aim of the plugin is to provide server owners with a method of assisting in the prevention of griefers and troublemakers on their own and other's servers, using a combination of global, local, and temporary bans. Local bans are a servers private ban on a player, and are not shared with other servers.

    Currently, we're flying using the MCBans 4.4.4 plugin.

    MCBans Website:

    MCBans Support:





    Please remember the following things while using our plugin!
    • MCBans is maintained constantly by a team of 100% volunteer staff, but we are not miracle workers! Like everyone, we need time to perform our tasks and can't do everything on demand.
    • User participation on helps to keep us free of invalid bans - if you see something fishy, report it to us!
    • MCBans has a small dedicated development team - We do only have a few dedicated developers, but they do have other commitments as well.
    Need Support?

    Put in a support ticket on our forums or request help in our Discord! :)

    Is MCBans Just a Global Banning Plugin?

    Absolutely not! We have global, local, and temporary bans. We have a way that lets you customize what you share, what servers share bans with you, and what servers you want to be grouped with ( meaning their bans share your bans ), ignore all bans for a player, disregard bans based on a string of your own choosing, even "grief" can be ignored. Reputation is calculated on each server for every player to give server owners the most control.

    MCBans is a very versatile banning plugin that also has an ability for servers to ban to the point where a player can no longer join a MCBans protected server due to the number of bans. The bans can be appealed within 60 days of being issued, and a server is required to provide proof for global bans only. Local bans are generally hidden from view and do not cause a player to lose access to MCBans protected servers.

    What is a "Global Ban"?

    A global ban is a ban that effects a user on a permanent scale by reducing their reputation from 10 downwards with every ban, the deduction depends on the server's own reputation. For the reason that, when users reach 0 reputation they get banned from accessing any MCBans server, there are strict guidelines that regulate the usage of such bans.

    These bans are meant for high severity offenses in order to prevent griefers violating the same rules on other servers, and they are always monitored by the MCBans Staff so we can quickly remove any invalid bans.

    But, what if I want to let someone on who is banned?

    You can always add players or reasons to an exception list located in your server control panel. :)

    Can I ignore everything about MCBans except my own local bans?

    Of course! Simply go into your config.yml and set minRep: 3 to minRep: -1


    Local Ban Variations

    • /ban <playername|uuid> <reason> - bans the player
    • /rban <playername|uuid> <reason> - rollback and ban
      • E.G. /ban Firestarthe breaking my sign *
    Global Ban Variations
    • /ban <playername|uuid> g <reason> - global ban
    • /gban <playername|uuid> <reason> - global ban
    • /rban <playername|uuid> g <reason> - rollback and global ban
      • E.G. /ban g Firestarthe griefing *
    Temporary Ban Variations
    • /ban <playername|uuid> t <int> <m/h/d> <reason> - temp bans a player
    • /tban <playername|uuid> <int> <m/h/d> <reason> - temp bans a player
    • /rban <playername|uuid> t <int> <m/h/d> <reason> - temp bans a player and rolls them back
      • E.G. /tban Firestarthe 15 m you are banned for 15 minutes *
    IP Ban Variations
    • /banip <IP> [reason] - bans an IP address ( /unban <IP> to unban ip address)
    Misc Commands
    • /lookup <playername|uuid> - checks players ban history (local/global bans)
    • /banlookup <banID> - checks ban details
    • /kick <playername|uuid> [reason] - kicks a player from the game
    • /unban <playername|IP|uuid> - unbans the player/IP from your server
    Permission Nodes
    • mcbans.admin (default: op) - Admin privileges to mcbans
    • (default: op) - Allow global ban player
    • mcbans.ban.local (default: op) - Allow local ban player
    • mcbans.ban.temp (default: op) - Allow temp ban player
    • mcbans.ban.rollback (default: op) - Allow use rban command
    • mcbans.ban.ip (default: op) - Allow use banip command
    • mcbans.unban (default: op) - Allow unban player
    • mcbans.view.alts (default: op) - Show notification of a players alts on connect
    • mcbans.view.bans (default: op) - Show previous ban information on player connect
    • mcbans.view.staff (default: true) - Show notification of a mcbans staff on connect
    • mcbans.hideview (default: false) - Hide player view alts/previous bans on connect
    • mcbans.lookup.player (default: op) - Allow lookup player ban history
    • mcbans.lookup.ban (default: op) - Allow lookup ban details
    • mcbans.lookup.alt (default: op) - Allow lookup alt account
    • mcbans.kick (default: op) - Allow kick player
    • mcbans.kick.exempt (default: op) - Exempt from kicks
    • mcbans.ban.exempt (default: op) - Exempt from bans
    1. Download the latest MCBans JAR file and put on your plugins directory
    2. Run your server
    3. Go to
    4. Copy your API key
    5. On your server, open /plugins/MCBans/config.yml in a text editor
    6. Enter your apiKey: 342903849263048203874 (this number is an example of your APIkey)
    7. Change any configurations that you want
    8. Restart your server or type /mcbans reload
    9. All done!
    We'll always be able to help and will try to the best of our ability to resolve any questions or issues you may have!

    MCBans Staff Debug Commands

    The plugin contains commands which give descriptive data to help diagnose issues that your server may have. These commands are strictly read-only and provide only information. The commands include ones that send permissions debug data + MCBans variable sizes, a message sent to administrators verifying that they are MCBans staff, as well as API key info and MINREP settings. This data is only probed when your server has requested support regarding issues with the MCBans plugin.

Recent Reviews

  1. iamvishnu
    Version: 4.4.4
    This used to be the best admin plugin, but it doesn't work current versions, and a lot of the functionality is based around the site, which only barely works as a lot of features are broken or missing. A real shame.
  2. EOT3000
    Version: 4.4.4
    This will definitely protect me against, everyone who has done bad things on servers!!
  3. MsDemonicRaven
    Version: 4.4.4
    i cant use it. the plugin works, but i cant create an account because every username ever is used. cant access my old account because apparently it cant find my old accont. dont use, the website doesnt seem to wanna work anymore. the plugin is useless without the website
  4. Mozingo17
    Version: 4.4.3
    I've been part of a server that uses MCBans exclusively, and have personally used it, for 4 years. The unique features it offers makes it a step above other ban plugins.

    The interconnectedness of MCBans servers allows server staff to be aware of possible spammers with the alternate account listings that originate from their database, as well as spot players attempting to avoid their own bans, in a much more efficient way than relying on local ban plugins.

    Their system of local and global bans effectively categorizes and labels behavior that is almost universally harmful to Minecraft servers and their players, and allows rightful bans (with proof) to follow the offending players from server to server, warning other potential victims.

    Furthermore, their reputation system for players allows servers to set limits as to how many (Global) bans that player can have to be allowed on to their server. It's a good way of keeping actively destructive and offensive people off your server, without having to deal with the fallout of them.

    I've never had an unfair encounter with a MCBans staff member, even in situations where I, myself, was in the wrong.

    All in all, 10/10, would ban again.
  5. KrisKleer
    Version: 4.4.1
    (Full disclosure - I am not a dev/author, but I have been on the staff team for this plugin).

    MCBans is the only global ban plugin with a large enough server base to be effective, and a functional dispute team in which a resolution is decided by an unbiased party rather than by the server staff alone.

    Plugin settings allow server staff to decide which other servers' ban information to trust, and the plugin can also be used purely as an informational tool so that you can see a player's ban history upon connection, but make up your own mind about whether or not to let them stay. Exceptions can also be added for specific players.

    The server I co-own used this plugin for years, even before I was MCBans staff, and it always served us well.
  6. CreepersControlU
    Version: 4.4.1
    Would not reccomend using this if your life depended on it. Administrators of the plugin are allowed to permanently ban anyone they hold a grudge against from their system if they please. This will in turn ban them from the hundreds of servers they control. Allowing another service to manage your bans is probably one of the worst ideas ever conceived. This plugin and its community has also had a number of scandals associated with it, such as the Doridian and Zidonuke scandal. Go for BanManagement or Litebans, you will not regret that decision.
    1. Corpdraco
      Author's Response
      So that everyone is aware, this user has been repeatedly banned from our system for registering abusive servers under multiple different usernames, and has also been banned from many other servers for griefing. As a result, he seems to have a lot of of anger toward the system, and periodically tries to either abuse or defame it. You can see his ban history here:
      The username used to be Creeperscontrolu, but has since been changed:

      To counteract some inaccuracies in your review:
      - MCBans staff can issue permabans, but this is done for cases of security (hacked accounts) or abuse of the system. We only use the security server for this purpose, and it is rare. I'd like to stress permabans are being phased out except for extreme cases. Also, servers can choose not to take these bans into account.

      - Each server can customize which other servers to trust, if they would like to share bans at all. The system can be used purely for informational purposes, so that you may see a player's ban history upon connection but the player is not blocked from joining, or can be used to preemtively block players from connecting based on a reputation threshold decided by the server staff. Staff can add exceptions for specific players/ban reasons, and exclude servers they don't trust, or only include a specific few servers, all depending on how the server owner would like to use the plugin.

      - Neither Doridian nor Zidonuke has been on the staff team since 2011, and to call any past incidents a "scandal" is a stretch. All that happened was that we had our source code stolen about 6 years ago, and removed the people responsible from the staff team, which hardly matters now as the plugin is open source and is open to anybody.

      - We have no animosity toward other ban management plugins, especially since most of them serve a different purpose than ours, but MCBans is the only one that has a large enough server base, user base, and active enough staff team, to effectively achieve the level of functionality we have. We actually actively collaborate with other banning plugins!

      Thanks for your feedback, but a lot of your criticism is inaccurate, and blatantly motivated by bias, given your ban history. You've held this grudge against us for years, to the point of sending threats to our staff, which is completely unnecessary given that it's all over your having been banned from using a Minecraft plugin.

      The review section probably isn't the place to discuss this, so we should probably move to "Discuss This Resource," if you feel the need to talk further.
  7. siro0644
    Version: 4.4.1
    This plugin is very nice!!!
    I love this plugin!!!
    Please release Japanese version!!!
    1. Corpdraco
      Author's Response
      I promise we will as soon as we find a Japanese translator. :)