McBansJocker 1.8

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  1. kulers
    == About the plugin ==
    This system is an advanced minecraft admin tool, which allows admins to ban, unban, kick, mute and unmute players and automatically save the data in a database, which can be adjusted in the config. This data which is stored in the database, will show up in the website system, which comes with the files. This system will allow you to configure the site by being able to change access to the database and minecraft server information.

    == Commands ==
    * /ban
    * /bano
    * /unban
    * /kick
    * /mute
    * /unmute

    == Permissions ==
    *- mcbansjocker.ban (Able to use /ban command - ban a player)
    *- mcbansjocker.bano (Able to use /bano command - ban offline player)
    *- mcbansjocker.unban (Able to use /unban command - unban a player)
    *- mcbansjocker.kick (Able to use /kick command - kick a player)
    *- mcbansjocker.mute (Able to use /mute command - mute a player)
    *- mcbansjocker.unmute (Able to use /unmute command - unmute a player)
    *- mcbansjocker.seewhojoin (Able to see if a banned player is trying to join the server)
    *- mcbansjocker.advertisiment (Able to see message if someone advertise)


    == Configuration ==

    Code (Text):
      user: user
      pass: pass
      db: db
      table: mc_banlist
      tableplayers: mc_playerhistory
      ip: true
      prefix: '&7[&2JOCKERBANS&7]&e'
      playernotfound: '&cError: Player not found'
      timenum: '&cError: Time must be numeric'
      hasbeenmuted: '&c[PLAYER] &ehas been muted by &c[ADMIN] &e(&c[TIME]&e)'
      isntmuted: '&c[PLAYER] &eisnt muted'
      unmute: '&c[PLAYER] &ehas been unmuted by &c[ADMIN]'
      havemute: '&eYou are muted &e(&c[TIME]&e)'
      kickmsg: '&e|You has been kicked by &c[ADMIN]|&c[REASON]'
      kicked: '&c[PLAYER] &ehas been kicked by &c[ADMIN] &e(&c[REASON]&e)'
      banmsg: '&e|You has been banned by &c[ADMIN]|&eTimeleft:&c[TIMELEFT]|&eReason:&c[REASON]'
      banmsg2: '&e|You are banned|&eTimeleft:&c[TIMELEFT]|&eReason:&c[REASON]'
      banned: '&c[PLAYER] &ehas been banned by &c[ADMIN] &efor (&c[TIME]&e), &a[REASON]'
      unban: '&c[PLAYER] &ehas been unbaned by &c[ADMIN]'
      notbanned: '&c[PLAYER] &eisnt banned!'
      tryjoinbanned: '&c[PLAYER] &etry to join server!'
      alredybanned: '&c[PLAYER] &eis alredy banned!'
      spam: '&c[PLAYER] &espamed &c[MSG]'
      spam2: '&cYour message contains advertisiment!'
      enable: true
      - .*(mc|dd2|zm|hns|cs|mc2|www)[\.,\s].*[\.,\s](lv|com|net|ez|or|ru|uk|org).*
      - .*(([0-1]?[0-9]{1,2}\.)|(2[0-4][0-9]\.)|(25[0-5]\.)){3}(([0-1]?[0-9]{1,2})|(2[0-4][0-9])|(25[0-5])).*
      - mute,10
      - kick,Advertisiment
      - ban,1440,Advertisiment
    == Instalation ==

    Drag & drop files into plugin folder => Start or Restart Server => Go to the plugin folder and configure the plugin => Restart server and check what answer does the server give, after the plugin has started to run;

    == Future ==

    *- MySQL - mute

    == WEBSITE DOWNLOAD == - v1.1


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