MCBbungee, announce when people switch servers! 2.5

Plugin that announces when players leave/join a server, can be configured.

  1. woder
    MCB, the server switch announcer.

    This plugin works along side of a bukkit plugin(link)

    If you've ever wanted to announce to your players where someone went instead of the boring old "player had left the game" this is the plugin for you. It supports 100% configuration on the bukkit side, in i.e you can chose the format, colours and it even supports having different formats across different servers.

    The config file
    This is just the "master" plugin, it doesn't actually manage anything, that's up to the bukkit plugin that you can find either at the top or in the dependencies section.

    The permissions
    The permission is currently mcb.silentmove which goes with the command /togglemove

    The commands

    As of now there is one command: /togglemove, this command allows a user with the permission "mcb.silentmove" to toggle whether they will show a message when they change server or not

    BungeeYAML: link
    MCB, the actual bukkit plugin: link

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