MCCache 1.0

Player caching script for Minecraft servers

  1. mouseymars
    Player caching script for Minecraft servers

    • Cache multible servers
    • MySQL Database backend
    • Fully HTML Formatted, with option to render without html
    • Easily view player caches
    PHP 5.3.X, MySQL 5.6.X, crontab/schtasks

    Optional: Apache 2, IIS 7

    Getting Started
    Installing Dependencies
    Installing MySQL & PHP

    On Red Hat-based distributions:

    Code (Text):
    yum install mysql-server mysql
    yum install php php-mysql
    On Debian based systems such as Ubuntu:

    Code (Text):
    apt-get install mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql
    sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mcrypt
    On Windows bases systems:

    I highly reccomend using either XAMP (
    or WAMP (

    Enabling MCCache
    1. Paste the script files into the directory they will be ran from

    2. Create a MySQL Database for the script and import structure.sql

    3. Edit the variables in includes/ to suite your needs

    4. Edit crontab (Linux systems) As the server user you're running the script as:

      Code (Text):
      crontab -e

      Add these lines:

      #m h dom mon dow command
      */5 * * * * php FAKEPATH/cache/cache.php ALL
      0 0 * * * php FAKEPATH/cache/averages.php ALL
    5. Edit schtasks (windows systems) Open CMD (Command Prompt) and type:

      Code (Text):
      schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 5 /tn "MCCache" /tr "PHP_PATH FAKEPATH\cache\cache.php ALL"
      schtasks /create /sc hourly /mo 23 /tn "MCCache" /tr "PHP_PATH FAKEPATH\cache\averages.php ALL"
    Viewing Cache data
    The simplest way to view cache data is in the web browser using Apache or IIS

    However cach data can be viewed from console by typing the following (i reccomend having no_html set to true):

    1. (Windows) PHP_PATH FAKEPATH\index.php SERVER_NAME

    2. (Linux) php FAKEPATH\index.php SERVER_NAME