MCDBridge (Beta) 1.1.0

A Spigot Plugin that offers in-game Minecraft Rewards for specified Discord Roles.

  1. Wcash
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    This is a plugin that can run commands on a Minecraft server when a specified role is given on a discord server. The Idea is to give rewards of some kind on a Minecraft server when a user gets a donation role on a discord server, such as Discord Nitro or Patreon.

    Current Features

    • Set up an Arbitrary Amount of Discord Roles!
    • Each Role has an Arbitrary Amount of Commands to run when the Role is Added and Removed!
    • Built-in verification system through discord and minecraft to prevent users registering other accounts!
    • ChatStream: A 2-way chat system between minecraft and discord! Now with PermissionsEx Hooks for Minecraft Groups!

    And that's it.... for now.

    This plugin is only in the early stages of beta, and I am looking to expand it's features as I progress.
    This is my first attempt at a Minecraft plugin, and it seems to be working for what it's currently intended for.

    How to set up

    1. Get the bot token for the discord bot you'd like to use.
    2. Get the server ID for the discord server you're using.
    3. Get the Role ID's for the roles you would like to use.


    Simply define how many roles you would like to have in the "roles:" category, then make a seperate category following the example formats with the same title as the name that you gave it in the "roles:" category. Then paste the role ID's in the respective "role-id:" spots and reload the plugin. Then add the commands you would like to run when the role is given, and taken away. You can use "%USER%" as a placeholder for the user's Minecraft username as well!

    Here's an example:

    Config Example

    Code (YAML):
    bot-token: "BOTTOKEN"
    : "000000000000000000"

    : false
    : "000000000000000000"
    : "§f[§9Discord§f]%USER%: %MESSAGE%"
    : false

    - patreon
     - nitro

    : "000000000000000000"
      - "say %USER% was given the Patreon Role!"
       - "pay %USER% 100"
      - "say %USER% was removed from the Patreon Role"
       - "smite %USER%"

    : "000000000000000000"
      - "say %USER% was given the Nitro Role!"
       - "pay %USER% 100"
      - "say %USER% was removed from the Nitro Role"
       - "smite %USER%"

    1. When the role is added, the user on discord who received the role will be sent a message by the bot you used the token with asking the user if they have a minecraft account they would like to link and receive rewards for. From this point on, the user can type "cancel" to end the process at any of the following steps.

    2. If the user responds with "no", the bot will stop asking and nothing else happens. If the user responds with "yes", it will prompt them to join the Minecraft server, then send their username to the bot.

    3. If the player is not on the server, it will ask them to repeat. If they are, plugin will send them a code on the minecraft server, which they send to the bot.

    4. If the code is correct, the plugin will run the role-add commands.

    5. When the role is removed, the plugin will automatically run the role-remove commands.

    6. Done!


    1. Fill out the config options with the enable boolean, the channel, the chat format, and if you'd like to use PermissionsEx Groups to use PermissionsEx groups from Minecraft to discord.

    2. Current Available Placeholders are %USER% and %MESSAGE%. There will be much more added in the future.

    3. Chatting in Minecraft will display in the chosen discord channel and chatting in the discord channel will be sent to the minecraft server!