MCG Auth Ranks 1

Addon for AuthmeReloaded allowind per rank login Requirements

  1. mmuziek
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    The layout of this page will be improved today.

    Whats this?

    This plugin is made for those who only want selected ranks to be needed to login using the authmereloaded plugin
    As i have asked the author and managers they will not implement this feature as they think its not made for that function
    Well this plugin adds the function without commands!



    How to Use

    1. install plugin
    2. Edit ConfigYML to add ranks.
    3. Optionally turn off the message for not listed ranks.
    4. save and restart server
    5. Thats it!


    Al tho this is a free plugin i do not allow:
    Selling this plugin
    Spreading and saying you made this plugin.
    Claiming this plugin as your own made.

    Decompiling is allowed on this plugin but only to learn not to copy code!
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