MCG Delivery Chest (MCG Minestore addon) 1.1.3 (1.17)

Changes item delivery from inventory to a special delivery chest for pickup by the player!

  1. mmuziek
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    The first addon for the MCG Minestore donation system is here!
    It Changes the item delivery for the item delivery action to a chest. instead of the players inventory and the ground.
    you can set a chest as a delivery chest once you right click you can pickup pending items if you ordered those on the minestore plugin!
    you will never lose items on the ground in the lava or in fight anymore!

    1 Command only
    Permission protection for setting chest location
    Nobody can pickup other peoples items.
    Additive storing. 2 orders will save to the same chest.
    Fit check will only give when you have space for it.
    Alters the message from MCG Minestore item delivery to tell they can pickup the item at the delivery chest
    using the MCGMinestore API

    MCG MineStore

    /deliverychest setlocation
    < MineStore.Deliverybox.admin < Will set the chest your looking at as a delivery box

    WORKS FROM Minestore 4.6.5 and up

    Wanna chat with the owner or more / easy support join our discord click here!

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