MCG Mineweb [Minestore Addon] 1

[Extend minestore to the web] [Online cart and command system] [Product pictures] [fully customize!]

  1. mmuziek
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    Minestore website | Mineweb Docs | Dev Video

    What is this?
    This is a webscript package that works together with the plugin MCG Minestore findable here :

    What does it add?
    • A online way to view the products
    • Generate buy links for products automatically
    • Show custom pictures for each product
    • Cart system to buy multiple products at once
    • Category or show all display
    • Easy to install and update with new products using a ingame command
    • Security lock for updating the webscripts
    • can be run anywhere seperate from the API
    • Almost no requirements!
    • MCG Minestore plugin
    • Webspace
    • PHP / JS / Gson or Json php module / HTTP or HTTPS
    How to install?
    click here!