MCG Park Multiserver Addon 1

Addon for MCG Park Manager which fixes some stuff on other servers connected to a Park server

  1. mmuziek
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    This is a plugin that fixes some stuff for some users that use MCGParkManager plugin HERE

    NOTE! : Note the plugin is not needed anymore for the upcoming parkmanager version : 4.4+ as it does no longer edit the prefix in vault.
    however if you use any lower version of parkmanager as stated you can still use this!

    The following bugs are fixed:
    • Chat Prefix (if enabled) on any other server connected to the same network as the park.
    • Chat Prefix when using a chat or permission manager that is synced between park and other server
    • Fixes the bug that sometimes occeurs with XPBars not returning to the other servers default (i could not replicate so i hope its fixed)

    this is how to use this:
    install this plugin on any other server then the park server that is connected in ANY way to the park server. for example other bungee servers or servers that are connected through a permission or chat manager.
    you do not need to configurate anything it works automaticly!

    Please report bugs in discussion area.
    You may not:
    decompile the plugin or any of its code.
    use the plugins code in your plugins without permission
    sell this plugin to anyone.
    share this plugin and claim it as your own.
    claim it as your own plugin.

Recent Updates

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