MCG RR Maker 1

Make Recipe files for Recipe's Redone in a few clicks!

  1. mmuziek
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Make Recipes for Recipes Redone in just a few clicks!


    • Easy to understand GUI
    • Fast and lagfree and doesnt need your server at all..
    • Easy Custom Item Designer for Ingredients/Rewards
    • Basic and advanced mode for adding items.
    • Easy Slot selection based on real ingame GUI
    • Per Recipe Permission in 1 click
    • Save and load recipe's before exporting.
    • Easy quick export of your recipe to the Recipe Redone format
    • Theme Changer change the color of the gui header to suit your opinion.
    • Auto save feature that autosaves on adding any item
    • Preview the code before exporting
    • Duplication Detection Prevents you from making mistakes with slot numbers.
    • Auto Permission Replacer prevents you from setting multiple permissions that causes errors.
    • Easy to read list showing all added rewards ingredients and permission node.
    • even better its free!

    For this software you need .Net Framework 4.5
    And the font thats included to be installed.
    This software is for Recipes redone plugin that can be found here.

    • No decompiling
    • No Reselling
    • And do not claim as your own

    want more info on how to use it for example or see every feature in a grid?
    checkout our wiki page for this software