McGamble 0.1_01

Bringing MineCraft Casinos to Life

  1. cmw255
    MCGamble is a plugin that allows players to bet both against each other and against the house. Supports permissions.

    mcgamble.* and OP status grant all commands. Case sensitive


    /gamble help - shows a list of commands (

    /gamble roll <max> - rolls a custom die with a set maximum and broadcasts the result. (mcgamble.roll)

    /gamble hand - bets the items in your hand against the server. Higher than 60 (out of 100) wins. (mcgamble.hand)

    Upcoming features: Ability for players to bet against each other directly in an automated way rather than relying on a dice roll and and a honor system.

    Built against the spigot API version 1.8.8-R0.1 snapshot

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fix