MCGEasyLevel 1.2.0

Control your level in another way.

  1. MCGEasyLevel-Language Update

    MCGEasyLevel v1.2.0
    Compared with the previous version(v1.1.4):
    • Fixed some bugs.
    • Now you can choose more languages in the file (only English and Chinese are supported at present).
    • Now players will receive a message when they level up, you can customize the message.
  2. MCGEasyLevel-Version 1.13 is supported

    MCGEasyLevel v1.1.4
    Compared with the previous version(v1.1.3):
    • Version 1.13 is now supported.
  3. MCGEasyLevel-Version 1.14 is supported

    MCGEasyLevel v1.1.3
    Compared with the previous version(v1.1.2):
    • Now you can also execute the command by /mcgel.
    • Change the PlaceholderAPI variable names and permission names to "mcgel".
    • Version 1.14 is now supported.
  4. MCGEasyLevel-Version 1.15 is supported

    MCGEasyLevel v1.1.2
    Compared with the previous version(v1.1.1):
    • Fixed some bugs (Without the PlaceholderAPI plugin, no error will be reported now).
    • Version 1.15 is now supported.
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  5. MCGEasyLevel-Prefix update

    MCGEasyLevel v1.1.1
    Compared with the previous version(v1.1.0):
    • Fixed some bugs.
    • The prefix can now be displayed with other prefixes.
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  6. MCGEasyLevel-PlaceholderAPI variables are supported

    MCGEasyLevel v1.1.0
    Compared with the previous version(v1.0.0):
    • Fixed some bugs.
    • Added PlaceholderAPI variables.
    • Changed the names of the commands and permissions.
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