MCGPLuS World Generator 0.1.0

Simple world generator allowing control over type and quantity of all resources/ores.

  1. Dwelfman
    MCGPLuSGen is a basic world terrain and resource generator designed to give the site owner complete control of the type and quantity of resources (e.g. gold ore, iron ore, coal ore, dirt, stone). It is ideally suited for Prison Worlds where a more complex world is desired vice a standard refreshing zone of resources.

    Developed by a programmer with more than 25 years of experience, it is also well structured as a starting point for others that wish to understand or develop their own world generators.

    Examples of the worlds can be seen on PLAY.MINECRAFTGATES.COM where it is the basis for gathering resources by user level in different prison worlds.

    The file contains the source-code as an Eclipse Project for the plugin. Simply unzip the file and import the project into Eclipse. A final built version is also available for download at