McInfected - Custom Signs v0.1.1

McInfected's Custom Sign Add-on - Allows you to customize McInfected's Lobby signs

  1. Bimmr
    This add-on requires the premium version of McInfected

    is a popular game mode from Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3. This plugin tries its' best to replicate that gamemode and turn it into a Minecraft minigame. The objective of this game for humans is to simply outlast and fight the zombies. But you only have one life. Once you get bitten, then you turn into a zombie and are forced to infect the ones who were once your allies and friends. Humans. If you happen to get caught by the horde, your objective as a zombie is to infect all the humans before the timer is up.

    Custom Signs Add-on
    The Custom Signs Add-on, allows you to change the look of McInfected's Lobby signs. Although the signs may look different, and not have the lobby name on them anymore, you still create these Lobby signs the same way you would create regular McInfected Lobby signs.


    For More Information check the wiki:
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  1. Blackyvk
    Version: v0.0.1
    Cool, nice and easy :P