MCJukebox Youtube Addon 1.2.3

Rock and Rawl bb

  1. Small bugfix

    Just a tiny bug fixed, probably the most of you didn't even notice it.
  2. MCJukebox 2.0! (Finally)

    This update does not add any new features. just removes compatibility with any MCJukebox version below 2.0 so you'll have to use the new versions :p
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  3. Actual bigfixes

    Turns out last update didn't actually /fix/ the problems
  4. 1.9 and bufixes

    Just updated to 1.9, not that it mattered lol.
    It also fixed a bug with sending commands from the console hopefully :p
  5. Small improvement update

    This update adds a 4th argument in the youtube command which allows you to select a specific player to hear the music. It also adds permissions so check out the plugin page for help with that!
  6. Woo bigfixes

    Fixed the bug with URL's, and possibly the /silence command