MCJukebox 2.6.8

Hosted web audio client, play music without downloads. New Sound Center alternative.

  1. Release 2.6.8

    This is a small maintenance release containing a few fixes from community member timvango. A big thank you to him for these!

    What's new?

    Firstly, performance has been significantly improved by fixing a bug in our region handling. We now only check to see if you have entered a region when you move a full block.

    Second, we have some handy error messages which appear if you enter an invalid URL, or one for a service like YouTube that we don't support....
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  2. Security Notice

    Hi everyone! Last week, an issue was found by a member of our Discord (Silas), where the MCJukebox plugin could authenticate as a server without the necessary API key. It was resolved by a server update on the same day, and there’s no need to update the plugin.

    No personal information was accessible, and none of your server’s settings could have been changed. However, if you consider any of the audio URLs you use private, I would suggest removing the file and uploading it at a new URL....
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  3. Happy Summer!

    Hey everyone!

    Two great contributions from the community in today's release. I honestly feel really touched by people spending time on the project.

    @ParrotLync added tab completion support, so typing MCJukebox commands is now quicker than ever. A huge thank you to them.

    @njb_said added a GitHub action that automatically publishes MCJukebox in a Maven repository. This has been a popular request by developers, so I'm super happy we have it now. You can...
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  4. It's a weird time

    It feels cliche to say, but the world really is different since I posted the last update. I hope everyone is keeping safe and doing the right things.

    This is a small update, but I'm very excited by it, because it contains two contributions from the community!

    Thanks to @Moutarde, the /jukebox region list command is now paginated! This allows you to see all of the regions you have. Just use a page number after the command. Find his PR...
  5. Our New Panel (and a Merry Christmas!)

    I'm very excited to say that the new admin panel is now out of beta! Work started in October 2016, so it feels good to finally share what we've been working on. As well as a brand new design, there are some new features, too. For example, we now show you how many players are using MCJukebox at any given time - live.

    @Joseph1, @Rushmead and @njb_said provided development help, so please share the love with them.

    Thanks to the hard work...
  6. 1.14 Support

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while! This update adds support for Spigot 1.14 - I also skipped posting a few smaller updates to Spigot, so if you're updating from 2.6.2, you'll find some additional bug fixes in here. In particular, the radius selector on commands is now accurate, and removing regions is more reliable.

    I'm looking to start giving more server owners beta access to our new admin panel - if that interests you, please join our Discord and await an announcement:...
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  7. WorldEdit Update

    The WorldEdit team are certainly moving quickly! They made some changes again that meant updates to MCJukebox's region feature were needed.

    This update does just that - you can go back to using the latest versions of WorldEdit and WorldGuard while continuing to hear audio in all of your favourite places :)
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  8. Better with regions!

    This is a small update which fixes an issue introduced in the 2.6.0 update, where regions would no longer load correctly. Installing this update will restore old regions and also keep any that you have added since the update.
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  9. 1.13.2 Support

    Note: This is a 1.13.2 release, and does not support 1.13.1. 1.13.1 was too short lived to make adding support worthwhile.

    Hello again, everyone! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas.

    This release has been in beta for a while, and I'm finally ready to share it. Here's the changelog:
    • Tested support for Minecraft 1.13.2. Spigot removed support for selectors, so we've reimplemented the old @a and @p syntax for MCJukebox commands. This will work in both chat and command...
  10. Improved client hosting

    This is a small release, with no noticeable impact, other than the change from to Under the hood, we've completely revamped the way our audio client works and this should result in better reliability for everyone.

    Since we've written a lot of code for this, please be on the lookout for issues and email [email protected] if you find any.

    A note on 1.13 support

    Thanks for your patience...