MCManager | Ingame Server Management 3.1

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  1. Plugin Data Backup

    this Update introduces backups for plugin data. The next update will then also allow them to to be restored in game. PluginData backups can be disabled by setting "backup.plugin" to "false" in the config (or via Plugins>MCManager>Configuration>Backup).
    It also includes some more bugfixes:
    - fixed a bug with language files (Please send new)
    - fixed some reloading issues
    - cleaned up messy code
    - fixed issues regarding backup naming
    - fixed a bug where plugin updates were not checked...
  2. Bugfix for permissions

    This update (hopefully) fixes a bug regarding permissions. Also, it is possible to disabled negated permissions, which sometimes lead to problems. You can do this by setting
    Code (Text):
    negated_permissions: false
    in the main config. This should also solve a permission error with AuthMe.

    If you find any bugs, please, as always, report them via PM or Bitbucket.
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  3. New Design rolled out

    This update fully brings the new design already shown in the previous update to MCManager.
    I am trying to translate MCManager to different languages, currently only English and German are available. If you interested in providing a translation, please send it to me via PM. You can find the default file...
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  4. Not yet 3.0

    Prepared infrastructure for 3.0 as a new design has been rolled out. A Warp Plugin with MCManager integration will be released very, very soon, so stay tuned.

    - View and modify inventories of other players
    - Search for players and installed plugins in GUI
    - /log command instantly shows the log
    - Unloaded worlds are now shown in the worlds menu

    I recently had some licensing issues therefore this is also a short reminder that the...
  5. Preparations for 3.0

    Hi guys,
    unlike Minecraft, there will be no 2.10 for this plugin but 3.0 instead. This will be a big update with lots of new features as improved world and player management. Work for this has already begun. If you are still missing some features, feel free to ask for them in the discussion. If you experience bugs, please include a contact email address and create an issue here:

    Best regards,

    New Features:
    • ...
  6. Christmas Update

    Happy Holidays!

    As requested in the StrawPoll, you are now able to upload files to your server. See for more information on that. AAAAAND you are able to create worlds now! As always, please consider donating if you appreciate my work.


    New Features
    • Worlds Menu looks a lot nicer
    • Improved Security
      • ...
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  7. Create, Download & Restore Backups

    It is now possible to create, download and restore backups. Backups can also be made automatically at a specified time interval, default to 30 minutes. You can access the Backup Menu via Overview > Backups. In the Menu, you can already edit simple settings. For more indepth configuration, have a look at the config of the plugin.
    It is possible to restore backups without restarting the server. However, I do not recommend that if you are playing on vanilla and need the nether...
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  8. Permissions Update

    And there is even more. MCManager is now divided into different modules which can be enabled and disabled in the config. There is even a sandbox mode which automatically disables critical modules. For information on the modules and about the permission system, have a look into the new Wiki.
    Simple Explanation:
    mcm.<module>, e.g. mcm.plugin

    Modules disabled in config or with sandbox...
  9. October Update

    New Features:
    • Added AutoUpdater for Spigot Plugins downloaded with MCManager (name must be SpigotPlugin_<id>.jar) who don't have an Updater registered.
    • Added a confirmation button for deleting files. You can still delete files by pressing q without confirmation.
    • Change Command used to ban players in config.
    • Autostart for the WebServer can be disabled in the config.
    • Plugins can now be updated even more intuitive and without...
  10. Download and Spigot

    You are now able to download files from the server. A download button has been added to the file menu. Please note that you need to configure an account under more settings>webserver to download.

    German has been added. Execute /manager language de_DE to change and /manager language default to reset.

    • Spigot Plugins are now directly downloaded from which bypasses the CloudFlare protection of
    • Fixed...
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