MCManHunt v1.6.8

ManHunt-minigame popularized by Dream and GeorgeNotFound.

  1. thesummergrinch
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    About MCManHunt

    Become the Hunter or Hunted in this thrilling minigame! Every Hunter receives one compass per player on the Runner-team. The Runners receive a 30 second head-start. After that, the hunt is on!

    Supports Multiverse-NetherPortals servers!

    If you like this plugin, please leave a rating and/or feedback on what you would like in the next update!

    How to play

    First, a player with OP-privilleges uses the /initializegame [GameName]-command. This creates a dedicated Overworld, Nether and End for the ManHunt-game. Note: This takes a lot of server resources, so lag for roughly 15 seconds should be expected while the world are being initialized.

    Note: If you don't use the default worlds, you can use "/initializegame world" to use the already generated default world for your ManHunt-game!

    The players may then join the game by using the /joingame [GameName]-command.

    The players choose a team, by using the /jointeam [hunters|runners]-command (aliases: /joinhunters and /joinrunners). Players can also switch teams before the game starts, by joining the other team, using the aforementioned join-commands.

    When everyone is ready, a player with OP-privilleges can use the /startgame [GameName]-command, to start the game. Everyone will be locked into place for 10 seconds, after which the Runners get a 30-second headstart.

    The Hunters will receive a compass for every Runner, to track their direction, which can be updated by placing it in your main hand and right-clicking. The Hunters win by killing every Runner once, and the Runners win by killing the Enderdragon! Good luck and have fun!

    Additionally, if all players leave during a game, and the server is (gracefully) stopped, the game will be saved and can be continued later.​

    • Become a speedrunner and beat the game before you are killed!
    • Play with friends and team up!
    • Pause during the game for breaks!
    • Team-chat
    • A compass per runner!
    • Nice tech-support!



    • /joingame [gamename] - Join the specified game.
    • /leavegame - Leave the game you are in.
    • /jointeam [hunters|runners] - Join the specified team. (aliases: /joinhunters and /joinrunners)

    • /listhunters - Lists the players on the Hunter-team.
    • /listrunners - Lists the players on the Runner-team.
    • /listgames - List all initialized games.

    • /saylobby [message] - Sends your message to everyone in the MCManHunt-game.
    • /sayglobal [message] - Sends your message to every player.

    • /initializegame [gamename] - Initializes the gameworlds.
    • /startgame - Starts the game.
    • /stopgame - Stops the ongoing game.
    • /pausegame - Pauses the game.
    • /resumegame - Resumes the game.

    • /destroyuniverse [GameName] - Deletes the world-folders of the specified game.
    • /setdestroyuniverseonstop [GameName] [true|false] - Sets whether or not the world-folders of the specified game will be automatically deleted when the game is stopped. (default: true)

    • /manhuntversion - Echos the version of the MCManHunt-plugin. (Alias: /mhv)
    • /manhuntrule [option] - Allows the user to set certain settings that influence the MCManHunt-game. (Options: Difficulty, Headstart, Compass-enabled-in-nether, Player-roles-randomized).

    • /jointeam [hunters|runner]: /joinrunners, /joinhunters

    • /listhunters, /listrunners: /listteams

    • /initializegame [gamename]: /initgame [gamename], /mhinit [gamename]

    • /setdestroyuniverseonstop [true|false]: /sdos [true|false]

    • /manhuntversion: /mhv
    • /mhrule [gamename] [rule] [value]: /mhr [gamename] [rule] [value]


    • - Gives access to various OP-only commands. Default = OP.
    • - Allows access to /joingame and /jointeam. Default = true.
    • - Allows access to /listgames, /listhunters and /listrunners. Default = true.
    • - Allows players to join games and teams. Default = true.
    • - Allows access to the /manhuntversion-command. Default = OP.
    • - Allows access to /sayglobal. Default = true.
    • - Allows access to /saylobby. Default = true.


    # Default config for MCManHunt
    # Author: TheSummerGrinch
    # Website:
    # Support at or via Discord on

    config-version: 1

    # Tells the plugin whether it's the first time it's being run. If so, metrics
    # will be automatically disabled until the next start, to allow the user to
    # disable metrics.
    first-run: true

    # Allows the user to disable/enable metrics.
    allow-metrics: true

    # Sets whether or not the tracking-compasses should point to the runner in
    # the Nether.
    compass-enabled-in-nether: false

    # Sets whether or not roles should be randomized by default.
    player-roles-randomized: false

    # The default headstart for runners. Valid range: 0 <= x <= Integer.MAX_VALUE
    default-headstart: 15

    # Allows the user to enable/disable automatic update-checking. The plugin
    # does not automatically download updates.
    enable-update-checking: true

    # The Locale, used to set the language used by the MCManHunt-plugin.
    # Available languages: enGB, enUS, nlNL
    locale: 'enGB'

    # Sets whether or not the server is part of a BungeeCord-network. If enabled,
    # will atempt to teleport players to the hub-server when a game ends.
    bungeecord-enabled: false

    # The name of the hub-server, or whichever server the players should
    # connected to when a ManHunt-game ends.
    bungeecord-hub-name: 'hub'

    # Sets whether the advancements of (participating) players should be cleared
    # when a ManHunt-game ends.
    clear-advancements-after-game: false

    # Sets the debug-level. Unlocks debugging features per (valid) level. Do not
    # edit unless you know what you're doing, or have received instruction from
    # the developer to do so.
    debug-level: 0

    # Name of the world that players should be teleported to if BungeeCord is
    # disabled. Usually the default world will be called 'world', but certain
    # server providers, such as ShockByte, don't use the default name.
    base-world: 'world'


    1. Stop your server.
    2. Place the MCManHunt.1.x.x.jar in the plugins-folder.
    3. Start your server.
    4. (Optional) If you want to change the config.yml, stop your server again and edit the config.yml located in the /plugins/MCManHunt/

    Metrics / Data-collection

    MCManHunt uses bStats to collect data. You can disable bStats data-collection in the bStats-config (Serverroot -> plugins -> bStats -> config.yml -> enabled: false). Additionally, you can also specifically stop data-collection for MCManHunt by changing the allow-metrics field, in the plugin.yml, to false.

    MCManHunt collects the following datapoints:

    • Amount of servers that run MCManHunt and amount of players using these servers - I keep track of these metrics so I know what level of active development is expected of me.
    • Online/Offline mode - I do not support the use Offline servers; therefore, I need to know if and when to block service for Offline servers.
    • Server Software - Allows me to anticipate and mend problems based on the known problems and bugs of the server software.
    • Plugin Version - Allows me to investigate what makes one version more appealing than another.
    • System Information (Core count, Architecture, OS) - Allows me to anticipate and mend problems based upon System properties.
    • Server Location - I may enable localization, but I need to know for what regions.
    • Java Version - Once a significant amount of servers use Java 9 or higher, I too can switch to developing using a higher version.


    In an effort not to clutter the plugin-page with tech-support, I'd like to ask you to either join the MCManHunt Discord Server, message me privately on Discord (GrinchDev#6592), or open a ticket over at the MCManHunt Github Page.



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Recent Reviews

  1. MarioMax
    Version: v1.6.5
    Good plugin, has amazing features, but still needs some work.

    -So the plugin has great features like making a new world after every game is over, easy setup, basically everything I would need.

    But there are some issues, such as after the games over, the server freezes, then restarts. Then you have to load back in. When you should be able to warp into a new server (bungee) once the games over. Second, your achievements are kept instead of clearing that each game, I will probably find another plugin to fix that issue if it doesn't get fixed, not a huge deal but a slight inconvenience. I would love to give this plugin 5 stars, but these are some things that really bug me.

    That doesn't mean this is a bad plugin. It's AMAZING. I've searched for hours, and can't find another plugin with all of these features. The developer of the plugin in his discord is also active and helpful. If you need a manhunt plugin I would 100% recommend this one. It's not perfect, but as good as it gets for me.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review and your feedback!

      The server restart you describe sounds like a rather serious issue, as it is not intended behaviour. I'll look into ways to fix it ASAP.

      As for the clearing the achievements, I'll make it a configurable option. I can imagine that people wouldn't want to have their achievements cleared just like that. Perhaps I can find some way to separate achievements gotten during an MCManHunt-game, from the achievements gotten during regular play.

      Long story short; I'll start working on an improved version!

      Thanks a bunch!
  2. Kugelfang
    Version: v1.6.2.1
    Nice Plugin but iv Run in some Problems with the enderdragon. Me and My mates Killed Him but the Plugin crashed,because the draggon was killed before the end Event was released. so instead of teleport us to the mail world we stucked ind the end, cant warp or teleport or do something with the chat because it was crashed.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the bugreport, I have taken immediate action and uploaded a bugfix.

      I apologize for the inconvenience! Should you have any other problems, please do report them! Also, if you have any feature suggestions, please don't hestitate to ask!
  3. RiptideTrident
    Version: v1.4.6
    It doesn't work with 1.16.3, does it work with 1.16.1? This plugin looks pretty good.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Dear RiptideTrident,

      Thank you for your review!

      Version 1.5.0 is now fully compatible with Spigot 1.16.x and Paper 1.16.x servers. Should you run into any other problems, please don't hesitate to contact me for support!

      Kind regards,

      Discord: TheSummerGrinch#6592