MCManHunt v1.6.8

ManHunt-minigame popularized by Dream and GeorgeNotFound.

  1. MarioMax
    Version: v1.6.5
    Good plugin, has amazing features, but still needs some work.

    -So the plugin has great features like making a new world after every game is over, easy setup, basically everything I would need.

    But there are some issues, such as after the games over, the server freezes, then restarts. Then you have to load back in. When you should be able to warp into a new server (bungee) once the games over. Second, your achievements are kept instead of clearing that each game, I will probably find another plugin to fix that issue if it doesn't get fixed, not a huge deal but a slight inconvenience. I would love to give this plugin 5 stars, but these are some things that really bug me.

    That doesn't mean this is a bad plugin. It's AMAZING. I've searched for hours, and can't find another plugin with all of these features. The developer of the plugin in his discord is also active and helpful. If you need a manhunt plugin I would 100% recommend this one. It's not perfect, but as good as it gets for me.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review and your feedback!

      The server restart you describe sounds like a rather serious issue, as it is not intended behaviour. I'll look into ways to fix it ASAP.

      As for the clearing the achievements, I'll make it a configurable option. I can imagine that people wouldn't want to have their achievements cleared just like that. Perhaps I can find some way to separate achievements gotten during an MCManHunt-game, from the achievements gotten during regular play.

      Long story short; I'll start working on an improved version!

      Thanks a bunch!
  2. Kugelfang
    Version: v1.6.2.1
    Nice Plugin but iv Run in some Problems with the enderdragon. Me and My mates Killed Him but the Plugin crashed,because the draggon was killed before the end Event was released. so instead of teleport us to the mail world we stucked ind the end, cant warp or teleport or do something with the chat because it was crashed.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the bugreport, I have taken immediate action and uploaded a bugfix.

      I apologize for the inconvenience! Should you have any other problems, please do report them! Also, if you have any feature suggestions, please don't hestitate to ask!
  3. RiptideTrident
    Version: v1.4.6
    It doesn't work with 1.16.3, does it work with 1.16.1? This plugin looks pretty good.
    1. thesummergrinch
      Author's Response
      Dear RiptideTrident,

      Thank you for your review!

      Version 1.5.0 is now fully compatible with Spigot 1.16.x and Paper 1.16.x servers. Should you run into any other problems, please don't hesitate to contact me for support!

      Kind regards,

      Discord: TheSummerGrinch#6592