MCManHunt v1.6.8

ManHunt-minigame popularized by Dream and GeorgeNotFound.

  1. BungeeCord and Config Handling updated


    • Added config-option that allows OPs to be notified whenever an update for the MCManHunt-plugin is available.
    • Better handling of the configuration-file.
    • Made it possible to automatically mark worlds for deletion, whenever a game is initialized. Config-option "mark-worlds-automatically".
    • Fixed a problem where players in BungeeCord-servers would not be sent to the specified server when a game ends.
    • Cut down the size of the JAR significantly.
  2. Updated Configurable options


    • New and improved config!
    • Configurable that allows you to automatically clear the advancements of players that participated in a ManHunt-game!
    • Converter for legacy config-files!
    • Improved the way we validate whether a game can start.
    • Added a configurable option to change which world players should be sent to, once a game ends. (if bungeecord is disabled).
    • Added a debug-command....
  3. BungeeCord-compatibility


    • Added support for sending players to a lobby server when an MCManHunt-game ends. (Requires BungeeCord)
    • Improved Tab-completion for various commands.
    • Added aliases to SayGlobal and SayLobby commands.
    • General improvements.

    To enable BungeeCord-support, set the config-field bungeecord-enabled to 'true', and bungeecord-hub-name to whatever the lobby is called in your BungeeCord-config.

    Next update will...
  4. Team-chat Update


    • Added Team-chat. During the MCManHunt-game you can now communicate with your team, and exchange coordinates, without the other team listening in!
    • Added /sayglobal [message], to allow players in a ManHunt-game to communicate with players outside of that game.
    • Added /saylobby [message], to allow players in a game to communicate with players in the same game, but on the other team.
    • Fixed a bug where the compass in the off-hand...
  5. QOL-Update

    This update features various Quality of Life - changes, such as Multiverse-NetherPortals compatibility and autocomplete options for commands.

    • Now unloading Worlds whenever a game is stopped, rather than waiting for the server to stop. If Multiverse is installed, we let Multiverse handle it.
    • If Multiverse-NetherPortals and Multiverse-Core are detected, /initgame will automatically import the created worlds as Multiverse-worlds and link correct portals!...
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  6. Languages and Dragon update

    NB: Contains a bugfix that is critical to the MCManHunt-game. Please update ASAP.

    This update features improvements to localization and a bugfix regarding the Ender Dragon.

    • Fixed a bug where the MCManHunt-would not end when the Enderdragon was killed. Should now work as intended. I apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank the user that reported this bug!
    • Added localization support. You can change the language in the config.yml, using a...
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  7. BugFix: /jointeam [hunters|runners] now working. Update-checker fixed.

    This bugfix fixes a few bugs that I didn't notice during testing.

    • /jointeam [hunters|runners] didn't work properly, and has now been fixed.
    • Player health and hunger are now being to full before the game begins, to ensure a fair game.
    • Update-checker would always say there is a new update available, and has now been fixed. Note, Spigot only updates their API entries once a day or so, so the update-checker will only be accurate a day after an update release.
    • Tracking...
  8. More Customization

    This update contains yet more QOL-changes!

    • Customize the duration of the headstart the runners get!
    • The plugin automatically checks for updates, using the MCManHunt Spigot page! You can decide whether you update or not!
    • Re-introduced randomized teams! Can be set in the config.yml or using: /mhrule [gamename] player-roles-randomized true!
    • And some technical changes that improve the stability of the Plugin!
  9. Settings Customization Update

    This version of MCManHunt brings many QOL-changes to the table, such as message-customization, enabling compasses in the Nether, and more!

    ⦁ You can now customize the message the plugin will send players. Especially useful if your players don't speak English natively! Just find the MCManHunt-config.yml (Serverroot -> Plugins -> MCManHunt -> config.yml). Here you will find a list of settings and the standard message list. Leave the names of the messages as they are, and customize the...
  10. Bugfix: Cannot join team after initializing game.

    This hotfix patches the problem where players wouldn't be able to join a team.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.