mcMastery 2.0

Bukkit/Spigot plugin that add SKILL POINTS into the gameplay mechanics.

  1. The AWESOME Update

    New Features

    1.7.9 Compatibility Patch available HERE!

    New Skill
    • 4 Additional skill points default! 18 total.
    • Impact - Chance of knock-backing your opponents.
    Permission Integration

    Configuration Changes

    • More configuration options
    • New player config set-up, allows for future updates on levels.
    GUI Interface & Aesthetics Changes
    • Pages
    • Cleaner new description and interfaces templates
    • Alerts toggle
    Command Changes
    • Cleaner command usage
    • /mcm alias
    • Skill lookup
    Developer Support
    • New API + Implementation
    • New Skill registration system
    • Dynamic system
    Everything is rewritten & redesigned!

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