mcMMO Multiplier 1.1.4

mcMMO Experience Multipliers!

  1. Better OfflinePlayer Implementation & Fixes

    • For the functions using offline player support, they now fetch offline player data with much less overhead on performance.
    • %remaining% is now available in the messages shown when getting extra experience. This will show the remaining time on the multiplier.
    • Configuration value 'max-multipliers-at-once' has been changed to 'max-multipliers-activated-at-once'
    • Configuration message
      max-multipliers-already-activated has been added.
    * For the configuration changes, you'll need to change/add these manually or reset your configuration. You can compare the changes to the config on the main resource page.

    • Broadcasts no longer show for individual messages
    • Re-implemented duration calculations
    • When attempting to start a multiplier, config value
      max-multipliers-activated-at-once is now taken into account
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